Fire heart does not work?

If my post is not here where should i apologize cause i am new to the forum
I have a question about FIRE HEART trait, I have it unlocked for my hero who has 20 class WARLORD and it does not work. I thought it would give 1 life for every 3 or 4 red gems in a row / column
And nothing happens
Can anyone explain to me how it works?
My home kingdom is Pridelands, maybe that’s why
HELP please

err, dude u misread. That is the “big” trait. Fire hearth simple gives you 1 more hp at the start of the battle, for every troop using red mana. That’s it.

ok, thanks a lot

So if you make a team with all troops using red mana you’ll get a whopping +4 Life. Hey, I have an idea, let’s use troops with this trait in GW, on red day. They’ll be soooo powerful :smiley:

In all seriousness though I had to check in-game. I was sure it’s +2/red ally, not this meaningless. But you’re correct of course.