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Hello; V.

Always is a good time to wish the best regards.

A new year begin, in the GoW family.

Happy new year @Virginia1984

And also Happy New Year to all Blazing Dragons Family.

Specially Dinazar; (congrats men):ring:

Keeping alive the hard work.:smile:


Dinazar i use mercy instead of rocket otherwise you are correct :wink:

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:trophy: We are Rank 96 now :trophy: Guild Level 150 with all but 1 Statue at Level 60+ :grinning:

Way to Go Our Blazing Dragons! :dragon: Jan 3rd 2017


I just updated the Picture and Text Details to our Recruit Page. Go Check it out. :smile:

Hey Everyone, CHECK THIS OUT! I just Broke my Tribute Record today. :money_mouth: Jan 4th 2017
9 Freaking Kingdoms! :european_castle: Gave me A LOT of GOLD! :moneybag: The money keeps coming! :money_with_wings:

Just landed my first Map Game today with 2 Vaults. :money_mouth:

Go and post your top and favorite Map Games Here:


And now you’ll learn the frustration of not being able to get at least one vault every time! /evil-laugh

Are you starting to notice moves you used to miss? I find how insight into Treasure Hunt moves start to become more and more fluid and natural. But, perhaps, I just play too much of it.

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@Esoxnepa I Love Treasure Hunt :heart:
It was tricky at first but after I played for a while I got the hang of it. :moneybag:

hello peeps

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It’s Snowing today and I’m ordering Pizza for Delivery. :pizza:

What to do when it’s cold & Snowing outside when you are hungry…

Order Pizza for Delivery :pizza: and Brace yourself if you have Kitty’s… Like… :smile_cat:

Your kitty Stealing your pizza :fearful:

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Lol I used to deliver pizzas years ago. It never snows here in South Texas, but when it would pour down rain, the other drivers would not wanna go deliver. I was like “I’ll take 'em all!” Haha, turns out people tip REALLY well when you show up looking like a wet dog. :wink:


Global Chat is Down :open_mouth: I’m trying to recruit here :rage:

Anyway, Legendary Task complete when we Had 5 in-actives… Wow … Jan 8th 2017

Yes, I kicked the Members :cry:

@gr00 I cannot log back in at the moment. :disappointed_relieved: Never seen this error before.

Ya, looks like the backend is borked. . I can log in, but had issues trying to PvP or join chat.

BTW, no one in your guild has over 1000 seals?

Over half of our guild does have them, I’ve had to kick 5 people this week … within the past two days.
It will start over on Monday, they are new and already had there seals this week. @gr00

Seals this week.

Looks like everything is buggy, when I looked it had much lower values. . Just logged back in and it’s accurate! . Tried to PvP and got no credit for any battles…

yea my seals were all finished before i was recruited, 1500 isnt going to be close to aproblem for me or isotome

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I’m in the same boat, seals already maxed. . Good thing everything resets tomorrow.

At least we will have a head start on gold :slight_smile:

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