Finley, (very) usefull or not?

Does someone play that card? Imho his ability is way to weak, esp. for a “epic” card.
His main-ability, transforming skulls into a selected mana-color, is much weaker than other transforming skill, like Alchemist’s or Valkyrie’s:

  1. cost 12 mana, thats 2 more that 2 more then Alchemist, Valkyrie (the most compareable transformes, all others have additional in-batlle bonus skills)
  2. usually there are less skulls then gems of a possible color
  3. The bonus: Gettin 2+Magic Gold is useless, even for grinding purposes.

1st is a strong argument, but 2nd is twice as bad, cause it hurts you double:
a) you have less chances to match 4/5 gems to get an extra turn
b) you cant steal the enemies colored gems to prevent crucial skills

You might argue, that Finley is more flexible, coz he can choose the color, but deckbuilding-wise you usually want a specific color (much more often than not).

What are your ideas, to make Finley playable?
Mine: Get rid of the Bonus Gold and Give him an "“Extra Turn” (Im not even sure, if thats enough).

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Does someone play that card?[/quote]

I play Finley.

Yes. His ability is way to underwhelming. His stats are quite good tho. At least for an epic. In order to make him more relevant he could have the same ability and also “Do 5 damage to a random enemy. Boosted by the skulls transformed” with a 3:1 ratio. I think the extra gold fits the troop well (Such as Avina giving extra souls) but its what make him almost unplayable.

I’ve recently started using Finley with a Banshee, Alchemist, Tyri line up and I’ve found the ability to transform skulls to a selected colour incredibly useful at times. I base this team around being able to achieve very long ability chains and the Finley addition has been key in some ways to making that possible. He acts more as a last resort at the end of my line but I sit him there with full mana until needed, with that much gem manipulation it’s not hard to find 4/5 matches using skulls. On the rare occasion that the AI does get a turn I have complete control over what options I’m leaving them.

My husband put Finley in his farming line-up ages ago, and he thinks he’s essential to that group, so yeah, some people do play Finley, and are quite happy with him.

Thx for all the infos.
Others are still welcome :slight_smile:

My team is Behemoth / Morthani’s Scythe / Atlanta / Finley. The AI can’t use Finley well, but as a player he really helps, using the mana not used by the others, and creating the mana they do use.

I have also been playing around with Kerberos / Celestasia / Finley / Prism Orb. The problem though is not Finley, just the limited damage it deals if Kerberos doesn’t proc.