Find active Guild

Find a active guild for 2 player very active

each player
level 232, level 160
over 200 trophies week
unlock 3 mision per day
1 day champion level

You would be welcome to give Immortal Legion a try. We have 8 active members currently and growing. Rank ~575, 100% daily bonus, +11/12 to all masteries. No minimum contribution requirements, all contributions welcome.

If you are interested, either reply with your invite code, or shoot me a message with them so I can process the invite.


Hello Razlath, i am in interested in joining and active guild in 2016. are all your members active or just a few? also about how often are guild tasks completed?

Hello @DemonInstinct , we have a couple of inactive members that are handling some personal stuff, and we have plenty of room so I haven’t given up their spots. However, the bulk of our crew is very active. Currently we have 11 active members. Guild tasks had been completing slower recently due to people trying to get their kingdoms in order. However, with the gold change and the influx of a couple members we have seen quite a bit of acceleration in that department.

If you are interested in joining, just let me know. You can send me your invite code here, or in a personal message if you prefer. We are definitely looking for active members, and would love to have you.


Hi, We have 2 open slots at Blockbusters:

If you like what see, feel free to leave your invite codes in the above linked thread.