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Finally after almost a year

I have pulled my first Mythic!


Team suggestions?



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And a good one. Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Bone naga, bone naga, marilith, euryali is a easy fun team. Naga are for bonus true damage. Don’t cast just spam marilith.



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Awesome, dude!

Interestingly, I, too, after almost a year, had a Mythic (Elemaugrim) drop whilst using Glory Keys, one by one.

Then, not a month later (actually, this past weekend), a second Mythic (The Worldbreaker), via Gem Chests, again, opening them one by one.

Now, I have this anticipatory anxiety when I use each and every key… in hopes…

Weird how that feeling you get when you get a Mythic to drop is one that is fleeting. :confused:

Same day…prolly 10 later I pulled Queen Aurora

Amazing…why after all this time i pull 2 in 24


Congrats! :smiley: Aurora is really good, too - I wish I could give a good suggestion for her and Euryali together, but I don’t have Euryali, sadly.
My first mythic was Stonehammer, so you’re definitely luckier than me… and I got mine also after reaching level 1000 or so. Maybe needing a longer time before they start dropping means they will drop more often from now on for you?:wink:


Congratulations, Gorgotha, Valk, Euryale and poison master.