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FILTERS changes - Rarity filter - add to Favourites filter

  • I want: Fav Filter + New Rarity Filter
  • I want: Fav Filter
  • I want: New Rarity Filter
  • I want: No changes

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I have been thinking about this for a while. When I am searching via filters, it sometimes bothers me that I can’t exactly filter as I would like to, because imo there is a lack of some specific filter, but I will tell later what I am thinking about. First things first.

I would like to present you my version of Filtering bar.

1 default new

2 filtered new


  1. I removed Filters header to save more space
  2. Colour filter stays as it was.
  3. Inspired by Colour filter, I added Rarity filter. In my opinion current filtering system by (base)rarity isn’t very useful, because right now you have only one option available at once in Order category. With my system you will get this filter free to additional use, for example Level.
    How it works: you can filter whether you want to see for example you chose ONLY Legendary troops, no other rarities will be shown. Or you can see only Commons plus Rares. Your choice for everything! Personally I think that possibility to see only specific rarity is something that the game was lacking in filtering.
    Basic | Ascended - Basic shows the basic rarity, while Ascended shows cards that are ascended… No filosophy at all xD I think this is clear.
  4. Kingdom, Troop type and Order stays as it was. BUT I would highly recomend to add here old filter that was removed which was EFFECT, I suppose. Like, we were seraching for troops that spawns gems, or adds life etc. You know, this was shortly in game and was removed, unfortunatelly…
  5. Show: Owned, Unowned, All and FAV — Fav is short for Favourite
    And THIS is something that I think filtering system lacks the most! I’d love to have the possibility to mark my favourite troops to have quick acces to them any time I want, when I am ready to Triat them or Level them up or add to new Team I am creating! Don’t you think that this would be awesome and really really helpfull?
  6. Search bar … which is good. So it stays as it was.

FAVOURITE SYSTEM - How it works:

You have your troop list. You chose a troop you’d like to add to your Fav list. You chose Manticore. And you see this star above.

3 not active v1

And you click it. It is now lighter. This means you just set this Troop as your Favourite. Tadaaaah~~!

5 add to favourites

Now your Troop List looks like this! (With Loyalty and Moa added to Favs earlier). And if you’d like to see only Fav troops you now can with choosing Fav filter in Show category.

6 fav show not filtered

That’s all folks! Tell me what you think!

@Cyrup @Sirrian ? x)


Thanks for the votes, people, but a word or two would be nice too, what you think about this, because when a topic has no replies I think it won’t draw desired attention to developers!

If only they changed all color to only color (it would show only one colored cards if mono color)

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Throw in the ability to filter by two specific colors (Example only troops that have both blue and yellow) and I’m sold…I’m sold anyways I like the idea, scrolling through a ton of troops can be a pain.

But I think this function already IS in game, when you tap on blue and yellow gem on the filter, and change the sorting to All colours, it will show troops with only those two colours.

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Well how about that lol

Let’s get the major things missing added.
Above OR instead of Basic/Ascended (I would not use that) add:
Traits: ANY (amount ignored in sort) | 3 | 2 | 1 | 0

And LEVEL should be the default Order, since 90% of the time you are creating a team.

Everything else looks great.

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Agree it would be very nice to save the filters settings. Seems awfully silly to have to select base rarity almost all of the time as this is the best general filter for most purposes. Also annoying that the there is no ways to actually target the sort order of rarities. IE, a sort by Rarity would be helpful also.

However, given how bad the filter options for such a long time, the current is at least workable. Just not ideal :slight_smile:


I like the idea of having favourite troops (though that would be a very ideal world/feature) and sorting by rarity. I think the later would be a more likely change if we were to implement if.

I’ve passed/noted down this idea, thanks for the suggestion! If it is something that would be considered we would need some time to do so - this is something that would need consideration for smaller mobile devices as well. Thanks for your hard work!

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