Few idea for changes (plz read and thing and not throw a 5 year old fit)

I got a few ideas for over all changes some small and maa. While some of them big and maybe need to be thought about.

  1. Treasure hunting: Have an option of using 5/10 maps at a time and the rewards are just 5x/10x as much. I do not know of everyone else but it seems I always have a stock pile of 70 maps always. This will give an options of burning through more maps then. I know there been a lot of treasure hunting events lately my guess is to burn through these maps.

  2. trait forge: it simple turn 10 to 1 ratio to increase 1 to 1 ratio to decrease. I am not sure about everyone else but I got enough minor and major stones I can blow up 1/2 and still have 300 each. To make arcane trait stone you 10 ruinc of each.This will give an option to do something about it. For those whom want an example here It is.

10 minor nature to 1 major nature
10 major nature to 1 runic nature
20 runic runic nature to arcane nature
or if you want make a blood 10 ruinic water and 10 Fire trait stone.

  1. I am now sure about everyone else but I am so tired of running across queen mab/valkirye teams in pvp it such a broken set up. by turn 2 my team is dead rare 3 tired everything to kill them nothing works but except RNG. So how to really slow this down just remove the extra turn from Queen mab and add alimit of how many gems can be turn to blue by valkirye

I like both basic ideas.

For treasure hunts since you are offering a short-cut which would benefit players who have been active longer, I also think it would be appropriate to use the concept the diminishing returns. With 1 treasure map you get what you earn. For 2 more treasure maps you double it. For 3 more (total of 6) you triple what you got in one a hunt. Likewise 10 maps total for 4X and 15 maps for 5X.

Trait forge; you probably should impose a limit of a certain number of trait-stones used per day. That forces players to prioritize what they what to do.

Both the request to open/use multiple maps and the traitstone ascension/crafting, have been requested multiple times by many users over the years.


Never really was any reply from developers to say they were great ideas. But the new crafting system should hopefully bring about the ability to gain stones now

  1. been requested sooooo many times, not sure it’s gonna happen. I do like the idea tho

  2. Crafting is coming and will be a mini game. Your idea is a bit too simplistic on its own

  3. you must be on console, as valk/mab isn’t much of an issue on the pc/mobile version. You haven’t mentioned Justice, which is usually the real problem. Fixes are coming to these


@Jainus nailed it

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