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Fenrir Glory chest has wrong Traitstone

@Nex, @Mr.Strange, @Foresti

For the Glory Chest this week, Fenrir is currently coming with Arcane Forest (Green/Brown) instead of Arcane Swamp (Blue/Green).

This was on the PS4, so I don’t know how it is on the XB1 but wanted to let you know. Here’s a picture of screen and yes I did receive an Arcane Forest when purchased (which was great since I needed it for when Wild Plains is released.) Thanks.

We will get this fixed up shortly.


I see it has been fixed and works great. Thank you.


Can confirm it’s the same on Xbox. Good to know it’s getting fixed. Also for whatever reason my stats didn’t reset yesterday or today, any way to fix that @Foresti? No worries if you can’t, but it’d be nice. :smile: