Fellow Guild Masters: What guild QoL enhancements would you add to GoW?

So I’m the co-leader of the almost 2-year old Hoguns guild with my wife (she’s technically the guild leader but let’s pretend, like she does, that I’m in charge lol). Having been a GoW player for so long, I am almost euphoric with the state of the game after 2.1 with the almost sole exception of guild administration features. To bastardize the quote: 2.1 giveth and 2.1 taketh away, at least regarding guild management.

The new sorting features in the roster are a godsend, but the feature(s) I was hoping most to see in 2.1 were painfully absent; namely improved inter-guild communication. Not only that but I have yet to see any indication from the devs that they are in the works (it’s entirely possible I’ve also just missed a post, if so please just let me know).

So that made me curious what other guild leaders were hoping to see in 2.1 that didn’t make the cut? What are the missing features you’d add into GoW if you could?

For me, as I stated above, the biggest features I’d love to see (heck I’d pay money for) are #1-5 below, #6+ are additional suggestions from other players:

1. Guild-wide notifications (access restricted to the two highest guild positions)

2. Private messaging (I’m assuming this is planned for the Friend’s List)

3. Bring back and expand the Guild notifications (that showed who donated, who joined/left the guild, etc.) so that notifications are sortable by type and the log has at least 24 hours of activity

4. Fix guild chat (i.e., all the bugs like missing messages or chat just not updating, etc.)

5. Guild chat notification (so players know when there are unread messages)

6. Bigger announcement board (currently the character limit is too small)

7. Clickable names in Guild Chat - take you directly to private chat or messaging

8. Add a Guild Bulletin Board - give guilds more space to communicate; i.e. sticky notes for things like weekly goals, etc.

9. Unfinished Task gold should be applied to the next week’s tasks instead of returned to all members

10. Log more player activities - Show last login and last activity

11. Seals earned while in a guild should automatically be credited to that guild without requiring player interaction

12. Add an indicator for which task guild members should be contributing to - like a star on the task

13. Add additional means to give members recognition - Other than chat & promotions, add a means for GM’s to give players recognition for things like exceptional activity. This could be highlighted names in chat/roster or symbols by their names. These would last 7 days and then automatically reset.

14. Give players an option to set allowing/disallowing invites from guilds. - This would replace the current invite system so when a player decided they wanted to find a (new) guild, they would set this to “allow” and then guilds could send them invites regardless of if the player was currently in a guild or not.

15. Add Invite messaging. -This would allow GM’s to add a message to Guild invites

16. Add last week’s stats to the sortable options in the Guild Roster -This would make it so much easier for GM’s to see what the actual stats were from the previous week (for those of us using spreadsheets) and/or allow them to compare them to the current week

17. The ability to add or remove guild ranks and give custom permissions

18. The ability to set the minimum player level to any level between 1-10,000 for open enrollment

19. Give GM’s the ability to reward guild members with items from their (the GM’s) own loot - Like maps, diamonds, traitstones, keys or gold

20. Add running totals to the Guild Roster for guild wide totals for the week so far - At the bottom or top of the roster, give a running total for all the contributions given that week so far; this would allow people to easily see how the guild is doing as a whole so far that week.

21. A weekly exported data sheet listing all guild and guild member related stats -This could either be automatically emailed to GMs or manually requested and then emailed (either should work fine from a GM standpoint)

Agree? Disagree? Is anything missing?

Note: Many (possibly all) of these are included in @Studs General QoL Post (here: List of Quality of Life Improvements) but I wanted a post specifically about the pain points GM’s deal with and the improvements we’d love to see to address those points.


I’d say that I’m most happy about the sort feature and that all stats are on one page. That will make it easier for me to fill out amounts in our guild spreadsheet.

However, I agree that what I wanted most is still missing and/or broken. The biggest problem for guilds is effective communication in game. I seriously want to see guild chat fixed so that it’s more reliable. The issue of dropped lines still exists. I’d love for us to be able to click a guild members name and directly chat with that person or leave them a message.

(Yes, I know we can use Facebook and other 3rd party solutions. Our guild uses a private forum. But, it would be more efficient to communicate quickly in game.)

Also, I’d like to have a bigger announcement board because the character limit is far too small for important announcements.


Ah, the announcement board! I knew I forgot something. I’ll add that to the list along with your clickable names idea (which would be amazing!).

And I agree with all your other points, too. I’ve been fighting against creating a forum, or another place outside the game to communicate as that just creates another barrier and something else I have to manage but to be a truly organized guild, the lack of in-game communication almost forces you to.

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FYI, I believe all of the ones mentioned in your initial post are already in the QoL improvements thread. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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Hi @studs, I’m a fan of your post, but I wanted something that was specifically targeted at the pain points of Guild Masters as we are a small but vital part of the community that often gets overlooked or undervalued (regarding what enhancements are added to the game). For example, many of us GM’s waited over a year for the “Guild Patch” that eventually became 2.1 (and maybe 2.2). While I understand why this is, I wanted to shine a specific light on the issues we’re dealing with and the features we’d love to see implemented to help us deal with them. :slight_smile:

Totally understand. Just want to ensure if the devs are looking in one place for QoL stuff that whatever is mentioned here is also there.

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I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

@ogunther / @Studs,

Did you guys get this one?

Add Guild Bulletin Board?

Thxs @htismage; I added it now. :slight_smile:

Most guild communication enhancements are probably going to be delayed until they figure out what and how they can do on consoles and still abide by Sony and xbox privacy requirements.

Ugh, I hadn’t thought about that; I really hope you’re wrong, but I don’t feel confident that you are. :frowning:

Speaking of which, do consoles even have chat like PC/Mobile or is it something different?

How about a way to prioritize guild tasks without unbalancing guild masteries / statue levels.

Hi @Mahamoti. Can you explain your idea a little more in depth? I just want to make sure I’m understanding you correctly (I’m a little sleepy at the moment, sorry). :slight_smile:

Not a guild master myself, but I think it would be a huge improvement if money left over at the end of a week in tasks was just attributed to the following week’s tasks of the same color, rather than being mailed evenly out to everyone in the guild regardless of their current activity level. Right now it is just an extra step everyone has to take to collect the gold and dump it back in, and if we happen to have members become inactive, that portion of it is just lost.


Agreed; this (the new 2.1 system that you describe) is a bit of a logistic/management nightmare for GM’s because of how they implemented it. I’d love it if they’d consider your fixes or something similar. I’ll added it to the list in the morning. Thanks! :smiley:

I probably missed this but

  • time stamp on guild chat.

*Last activity to include log in to the game! I want to see if a player has actually played at all. I need to know if they’ve stopped playing or just not donating. If seals were credited automatically it would help with this. It should be automatic!

*As stated before messages to a specific player for them only. Wish we could also send a notice to their email but that would be too complicated. Not everyone wants to give out emails or should.

*A star by the task I want them to concentrate on.

*To, say, highlight a members name in a color to draw attention to a job well done. Or a symbol for exceptional activity. Give a couple of choices of color and or symbols. This works better than a promotion when it’s a once-in-a-while thing not meriting a permanent promotion.

*Expand the number allowed for each rank and added ranks. The current limitations are difficult for promoting. Ranks get filled too quickly. Not good for moral.

Outside chat programs are a pain in tuchus! Especially when you play on a phone. Guild masters, especially, need to be notified of a message directed at them.
I’m a new GM so am probably missing a few items obvious to more experienced GMs.


These are great, @LYNDALE; I’ll get them added. Regarding your request for expanding the number of members that can be at each rank, I’m not sure if you know, but those numbers get increased as your guild progresses (I’m not 100% if this is via guild rank or guild League; I’m guessing rank). Right now Hoguns is guild rank 221 & league rank Master IV. This allows us:

1 Guild Master
23 Sentinels
45 Commanders
67 Legionnaires

So as you can see; with the exception of GM & Sentinel ranks, we have more rank slots available than member slots (which maxes at 30). :slight_smile:

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please add - ability to invite a hero from another guild without them having to be out of the first guild


Great suggestion. That is always such a pain and quite risky for the player trying to join a new guild. Added!

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Should be based on guild level as those around my guild rank do not all have 30/30 slots.