Fell Roost Pure Faction 500

This one is driving me crazy.
Likely crap RNG but purple/brown rarely fall or align and skulls rain like candy for the opposing team. I get through round 1 just fine but round 2 is always a tremendously brutal level 5 battle where I get wiped out.
Any advice?

Your first mistake is using triple Nocturnia.

You should use Undead Drake at top slot. Reasons: it doesn’t mana block your double Nocturnia below him. Also if you use three unique troops, the Dark Helmut pet will give you additional 2 or 3 magic depending if it is Epic or Legendary.

The most important reason is that if you picture a case, where you have almost filled your top Nocturnia, but it gets skulled down before you get to cast it, that indeed would drive anyone crazy. So try your best to maintain exactly Undead Drake up top. Fell Dragon is not good because it mana blocks Nocturnia by 50%. Fell Egg is okay, I guess.

This is not that hard tbh, pump your hoard to 144 or so, and give it a shot. I have two unrelessed succesful runs saved but I haven’t published them cuz I played them drunk and made a lot of mistakes… :joy:

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I’ll give it a shot. Thank you.

Good luck, cuz that is always needed. Also it is safe to say that you need to pick all brown gems in the boss room, almost at any expense. If it looks like that the board is very dry, I guess you could cast your Egg even though your lineup is full. That Disease always slows down the enemy and the Egg is cheap to get back up.

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Thank you Hazard. I think it might have worked on my first try (may have been 2).
I think the most salient advice was about taking the brown gems. Spot on. I don’t think I had a Drake for the entire last battle, but once I was through that second room, I felt I was golden.


It has been a while since I did this, so let me see if I can recall.

I am completely with @Hazard1 on this, your best bet (I would say) is the following team:

Undead Drake / Nocturnia / Fell Dragon Egg / Nocturnia

Now, the strategy is pretty simple. You want to ensure that Fell Dragon Egg is almost always filled up and re-summon front troop as needed. You use Nocturnia to kill enemies with true damage. From what I could say, I finished this with hoard level 155 and 50% kingdom bonus and I believe it took multiple tries but not more than 3-4 of them. As @Hazard1 said, you have to get a bit of lucky whether this is the path (you want to fight with folks where they deal skull damage since you can replace your front troop but replacing your Nocturnia or egg is more random), whether it is the gem matches, or whether it is the summons (e.g., you can get very lucky or unlucky with Nocturnia deaths — summon of dragon egg — or dragon egg summons).

Regardless, not a terrible one. So, good luck!

Good job, congrats! :heart_eyes: