[Feedback] - Sun & Moon vs Summer Imp - 95 Gems into oblivion

A long time ago, in a far, far away galaxy (last summer, I think? ^^), there was a new troop available for only a brief weekend and only in exchange for spending 95 Gems in the Shop: the Summer Imp. At the time, along with the Summer Imp came the announcement of a brand-new seasonal troop concept, with the promise of a special Imp per season in the future. Marketing wise, it was not unusual (albeit not too frequent) for you guys to make a one-off special offer like this which required spending Gems, back then. So, this seemed like this would be a must-have.

Gems were much harder to come by back then, and I actually did some extra grind to just barely reach the 95 Gems required to unlock this mysterious new troop. As it turned out, the Summer Imp itself didn’t prove very useful for a long time after that (I’m still not a fan of the troop, although it might improve still). That 95 Gem investment was fairly useless for me, in retrospect. But this would be okay if not for what is about to follow. I’m collecting the cards, and I want them all, even the ones I don’t use. =)

Little did I know that, on the very next weekend, you guys would already make another one-off special offer only available for a very limited amount of time and only for spending 95 Gems. Funnily enough, on paper, this didn’t sound like anywhere near as much of a game-changer as the Summer Imp, this time: no brand-new game concept with seasonal troops and special temporary bonuses or anything quite as shiny. No, it was just one the new bi-colored weapons. Only, it was Sun & Moon, also known as one of the most unique and arguably very, very best weapons ever designed for this game.

Sadly for me, I wasn’t even close to reaching the 95 Gems this time, thanks to having just spent it all on the blasted Summer Imp. I did everything I could (short of spending more real money, which I could not afford), some extra grind and pushed my guild tasks towards those rewarding Gems, and farmed in hopes of getting extra Gems from cascades… but I failed, and so Sun & Moon is still not in my collection to this day. :disappointed_relieved:

Ever since you’ve had the great idea to finally give us a chance to obtain past event weapons for Glories through the Shop on a weekly basis, months ago, I’ve been holding my breath in anticipation for Sun & Moon every week. It has yet to happen, unfortunately. I’ve seen many, many weapons I already have being offered again, but never this holy grail of magic-boosting weaponry. :cold_sweat:

More recently, due to a change of the design in the Summer Imp, you’ve offered it for a short time in the Shop, for Glories… Meaning that this card I’ve seldom ever used but paid 95 Gems for (back when Gems were much harder to collect) was now available for a few Glories (of which I have over 1K despite spending some whenever there’s new content in the Shop). :flushed:

So, in retrospect, it feels a little bit like I’ve paid 95 Gems back then only for the opportunity to miss out on what turned out to be one of my all-time favorite weapons in GoW, the glorious Sun & Moon, since even the very thing I bought instead of it could have costed me a few Glories a few months later instead…

I realize it’s a little late to complain about the back-to-back Gem-spending offers which were made many months ago. Funnily enough, I’ve been saving my Gems religiously since this particular experience, of which I have over 500 now that I’d never dream to spend, just in case you release something awesome for a limited time again. Of course, this is most likely a waste, since you’ve changed your plans and offer real money bundles instead, these days.

Anyways. Seeing the Summer Imp offered for basically free (well, at least for a far less significant price than what it originally costed me) while I have yet to get a second chance to obtain Sun & Moon, despite patiently waiting and hoping, week after week, for many months… I thought I should let you know that this was a big disappointment for me and, probably, for other people in the same situation.

Could you please give us a chance to get Sun & Moon at last?

There are a few other precious weapons like Silent Night which I’d also like the chance to get one day, and were never re-offered yet, but this specific one really matters most to me, as you surely will understand if you endured this entire rant in its entirety. ^^ Sorry for the tl;dr, by the way.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and please keep up the great work!


I was also one of those suckers, err I mean customers, who reached into my credit card for enough gems to get the Summer Imp, and I have to say I am vastly disappointed with its performance. Sure, there was a minor buff adjustment to the Imp ability some times back, but it was still not a very practical ability to begin with.

I mean, for a card that required GEMS to get… well, I don’t exactly expect something Earth-Shattering, but at least I would like to see it being useful in at least some of my working Lineups. But as it is, it’s just sitting in the far forgotten corner. Out of sight and out of mind.

You guys should join more active guilds, gems flow much faster in them, and while most have to go back into the guild to pay for tasks, enough make it into your bank to save much faster.

Although that might have changed dramatically with this new update…

Yea… At the time I was in a slow guild, so I had to dig into my pocket for everything. But now I’m in an awesome guild, and gems have never been a problem since.

On that note, my guild, Celestial Peak is recruiting, and we are expecting a task spree guild event next week!

As an aside, I wish there was a shop to be able to buy units and weapons that had passed. Either with glory or gems. I’m missing several units and weapons from when I took a break for a while, it makes me sad.

Thanks for the support, guys. Yeah, Gems are really not a problem for me nowadays either. As I said, this was many months ago, before Treasure Maps, back when you could mostly gain Gems from guild tasks and the occasional 7+ gem cascade, aside from spending real money to buy them (which I also did on occasion).

Even then, collecting 95 Gems once in a while wasn’t too big of a deal. My problem really came from the fact that these two particular “95 Gems - now or never!” offers were released literally within a week of one another.

Also, since I ended up with the one I find underwhelming (Summer Imp) and missed out on the one I find awesome (Sun & Moon) because of this super fast special offer schedule at that one point in time, this was always a sore point for me.

When they recently re-released the one I paid for, especially for Glories this time, which is basically a limitless resource for me these days, this added insult to injury, so to speak. Now, I really feel like the sole reason for the original release of the Summer Imp was to deprive me of Sun & Moon. :grin:

Hey, on that one I think you’re crediting our devs with more Machiavellian intelligence than they’ve generally shown… :stuck_out_tongue:

haha :grin: Not saying this was intentional, of course. I’m pretty sure they realized that two expensive offers in a row was a wrong move, as they’ve never done it since.

Still, the old weapon reoffered today is Eternal Flame. Isn’t it like the third time it’s being reoffered? :confused:

Will I ever get a chance to acquire Sun & Moon? :cry:

Will I ever get a chance to acquire Sun & Moon?

Indeed you will - in the not-too-distant future!

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Ah! :grinning: That’s a relief! Thanks for your response.

I take back what I said about Summer Imp being useless now.
With the addition of the Salamander Elemental today, I can now happily inaugurate the Summer Imp into a viable Elemental/Imp Combo Team.


I did it too, a full Primal team, including the Autumn Imp. I called that shock force Primal Fear. Don’t judge me.

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Finally! :sunglasses: :lemon: & :watermelon:


Er…What are the thanks for?

For the Lemon & Watermelon Slice weapon I’ve just bought from the shop. ^^

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ahhhhh jut was showing the heart of sheggra last I looked. Nice!