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[FEEDBACK NOT A BUG] Never Get Daily Offers for Traitstones, Which I Very Much Need

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Android

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to get daily gem offers for things I actually need. My alt account has very few Traitstones, despite being level 1050-odd. That’s because of the way I choose to play this account. Yet I never get Traitstone offers, which I very much need.

Yes, this is a bug. It’s called a “design bug.” There are many different kinds of bugs.

I’d just like to add, that it’s pure colour Arcane traitstones that I’m particularly short of.


Can we assume, you need them for your alt kingdom power levels ?

The only traitstone offers I see are the Runic kind of my alts. And it doesn’t go by the fact that so many troops need to be traited. But actual inventory. So this is most likely a feature request rather than a bug.

Update: Now seeing the other offer you must of be mentioning, will show in a separate post.

I remember seeing that Daily Offers are based on account level, so I’m guessing maybe the fact that your alt is over 1000 is why you’re not getting traitstone offers?

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on. I know whenever I need to trait troops I’ve never used before on my alt, I’m likely not to have enough Arcane Traitstones. That’s even more true for pure colour Arcanes.

But on my alt/alt, which is still level 26, I’m buying beautiful Traitstone offers nearly every day.

I certainly admit that, based on my meagre evidence, I’m assuming my level (or possibly the number of non-Arcanes I have) is preventing me getting the offers I need.

Whatever the reason, I’m not happy with the design criteria used to choose whether to offer Traitstones to an account. That’s the bug, in my mind. :man_shrugging:

That sounds like feedback.
Not that something is actually broken or “bugged” in the coding.

@Tresk I thought you’re the self imposed regulator of this stuff now? :wink: Lol

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If it helps, this is a level 227 alt (50 gems short on the offer of course lol due to chasing the mythic) less than 10 at the most of any of the TS in the collection.

Haha! Ya…no… I quit! :woman_facepalming::rofl:

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Yep. That’s the sort of offers my level 27 alt/alt gets.

Feedback and not a bug. Moved to the appropriate board.

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Lol I never saw this “Magic Trove” offer. But I keep getting offers for rare and ultra rare Zaejin troops, while Zaejin is on pl21 and higher levels are not available yet.

Not unexpected. But such a narrow definition of “bug” makes your own lives more difficult, IMO.

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