Feature Request: Scout all

Since nearly everyone I encounter appears to be using a combination of Mercy/Broken Maw - which is a coin flip imo, one that I’d like to not play against as long as it remains in its current state - I’d like to have a button to “Scout All” in the opponent selection screen.

Make it cost 150 Gold to scout all three opponents and show their lineups right at the selection screen so one can choose based on that.

Currently I need to click the first guy, scout, see Broken Maw, get back, click the second guy, scout, see Broken Maw, get back, click the third guy, scout, play that guy.

Would be easier with an option to scout all.

Anyone with me here? Cheers

EDIT: typo


The PvP overhaul would have been a very good opportunity to really clean up the interface and reduce the number of menus you have to click through. It changed a lot, but it didn’t really improve in this respect.