Fear of updates (TH)

As there will likely be an update to treasure hunt soon I’m not waiting it as much as before, mostly because I’ve hated the recent updates (kingdom pass, legends reborn, journey, dungeon etc…) Holiday events being an exception for now.
I really hope there is no way that game mode could add the amount of grinding the game already has, but you’ll never know.
There are three things I guess/fear will be added.

  1. Shop. Why update something without the benefit. It will most likely sell treasure maps for gems, but not the ones we have plenty, but some new special maps that make the old ones useless.

  2. New mythic troop. One that has a 0,0001 chance of appearing after getting 5 vaults in a single run of treasure hunt.

  3. A gnome. Well there should be a gnome for everything, so why not for treasure maps. So many gnomes in the game it’s starting to get hard to meet the one you want…

I don’t know, just have a bad feeling about it as I do like playing a treasure hunt or two some days…
What do you fear/hope/guess it will look like?


I hear you. I bet the treasure hunt rework is yet another way to stiff us out of gems.

This last update was solid though even though they stole our vault event. “here are some new orbs. but you cant have them”


I miss those early days of the game (way before treasure hunt), when two hours per week or so were enough to get all important stuff done, and the rest was for fun. Wasn’t aware, that treasure hunt is due for a refresh, although it has obviously fallen back over time. As slow of a game mode as it is, it’s scary to think, that it might become a must-do too.

I am scared of updates for this game (and several others) in general. The more they add, the more unfinished it feels.
Just because someone finds cleaning a relaxing task does not mean, that you’ll do them a favour by constantly messing up the floor before they are done.


I think that the game mode itself is fine as it is. Its the rewards that suck.

So my prediction is that the devs are going to ef up the game mode and keep the rewards sucky. And maybe make it mandatory for progress.


if its manditory thats me quitting

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Deep Treasure Hunt. Pay 10k gold and 25 treasure map for o 0.1% chance of an orb in any vaults (90% chance for it to be green)!


How am I gonna sleep tonight with you guys writing these horror novels?


Gems will be removed from the reward pool. Same story as with legendary tasks, they don’t want players to be able to farm gems. There will be some other resource as replacement, maybe traitstones or writs.


I guess this would still be better then anything IP2 is very likely going to do :rofl:


I fear treasure hunt will be just like dungeon luck. Having the chance to gamble your time away, choosing which door has the treasure. Treasure pets! Yes, treasure pets will be available for you to purchase as well, the same way you can get them in legends reborn. :smiley:

These pets will be added for bonuses to help with turns, how much treasure you can get and to see how much time you will spend getting these pets. Time that you most likely don’t have and the pets will cost a lot. Did I mention most of them will be cosmetics? :thinking:

I hope treasure hunt is nothing like the nonsense I’m describing. :sweat_smile:

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They already released a pet for that last year.


I’m fully aware of this. In fact, I got the pet.