Favourite vault team?

Whats your favourite team to obliterate cedric and his minions?

Many suggestions here: Which teams does people use in the Vault?


Thanks. Was using crimson bat/draakulis so it was pretty fast. Gonna try out the crescendo now :smiley:

Shield of Urskaya/Tesla/Tesla/Holy St Astra
Plaguelord is best, but I usually just run whatever class I’m boosting.

Undead class w no hero.
Crimson bat
50% mana undead troop

It’s stupid fast.

Mnt Crusher (Sham or Arch green storm)
Crimson bat

Venoxia feeds bat…if ced flips team it is no big deal…

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Best vault team because it one shots.


Flammifer/Elementalist, Phoenicia, Kalika, Magma Dragon.

I’m missing the magic from campaign, and burning damage from Cedric, but Flammifer killed Cedric so it doesn’t matter too much.

I’ll time a few fights, from the moment I press To Battle!

First battle: 18.27 seconds
2nd: 27.9
3rd: 27.63
4th: 25.81

That includes loading screens and victory screens and opening orbs and stuff.

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Sometimes, sometimes not. But good team nonetheless.

I use

Skeleton Key
Egg Thief

Maze Banner

It takes a little longer, but you get more gold out of it.

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Zuulagon team works pretty well (Elementalist + EoE / Centuragon / ZG / Leprechaun).

I use Thrall, Phoenicia, Dawnbringer, Tink. With archmagus class and the dragon banner. Match a purple and you win fast.

has the moron been released yet into the vault rewards?

Using this at “hard” level.
I was using “Phoenicia” team at “challenging” level when hunting orbs.


I think the latest tarot added to pool is “The Lovers”, not seen the “The Fool” in rewards yet. Campaign ended 1 week ago so I don’t think it will be available for a month. There is no info in the official post about “when it will be available”.