Favourite comedians?

Hello folks!

Title says it all really. Who are some of your favourite comedians?

For me, the man I enjoy listening to most is the legendary George Carlin!


Jim bruer.

I made this thread a few months back. Enjoy


You did? Awesome! I shall go and take a look!

Cheers fella :slight_smile:

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Lol weren’t you the same one who was concerned for your children seeing something inappropriate in the other thread? But George Carlin isn’t inappropriate?

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Not to derail this thread; but yes; you’re correct.

I figure that if they can post that, I can post this.

I’d say that’s fair, no?

P.s. George Carlin is very appropriate :wink:

I dont care one way or the other I was just pointing out your hypocrisy. And btw, that “they did it so I can too” line of reasoning is infantile. Maybe you should grow up a little.

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Duly noted and thank you for taking the time to point out the glaringly obvious to me, Steve. It is appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re correct, perhaps I should grow up a little. Be the bigger man and walk away with my head held high.

If you want to talk to me I would appreciate it if you use my name thanks

I shall bear that in mind, Steve.

Its satanicsteve calling me anything else is an insult. If you keep it up I will report you

Reporting polite discourse? :eyes:

Ok dude. I’m not talking to you anymore.

Congratulations I guess?

Anyway, the purpose of this thread was for favourite comedians.

Another I really enjoy listening to is the awesome Bill Burr!

Bill Burr is currently my favorite for no objective reasons, his whole way of rambling on just clicks with me.
Also Louis CK is great, i hope he gets rolling again soon with new stuff.

As for Carlin i used to enjoy his stuff a lot way back, but i can’t anymore, it was way too prophetic regarding society and a lot of what seemed like funny hyperbole back then has come true since, so it’s actually a little depressing watching it now :sunglasses:


Bill Burr is indeed quite random and I can’t wait to see more new material from him!

I still do love Carlin’s stuff. You’re right about it being prophetic, pretty much everything he’s said has been spot on.

Yeah George Carlin is the man
Wouldn’t call him prophetic
He was just telling how it was, most people just didn’t listen. As some still don’t know what’s happening.
Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp are a couple of new generation Carlins.

In no particular order, the comedians who never disappoint me:

Bill Burr
Kyle Kinane
Kathleen Madigan
John Mulaney
Jim Gaffigan
Brian Regan