Favorite/fastest level 50 Delve team?

I have been looking last night and today for a fast/easy Delve team to exploit the new level 50 delves. I have not been doing daily delves as I did not leave one at level 20 and I don’t want to make my life revolve around GoW.

What is your best/fastest team and which Delve do you use it in?

Not that I will be doing any lvl50 daily delving, but easily this:

Mountain Crusher
The Maraji Queen
The Possessed King

Merlantis banner, any fast class you’re leveling. Any delve with blue.

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I have gone with:
All Seeing Eye

Class does not matter, whatever you are leveling.
This makes up for the gold nerf in PvP to some extent as this team maximizes gold in a match.

How about best delve to farm? The one with most rooms and most high level rooms?
I am using double Tesla team in Mirrored Halls. Is there a better delve to get most shards on 50lvl?

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City of Thieves is great for farming. At a 1x base multiplier, it is near to, or more than, 100 shards per run on average. That’s significantly better than Sea of Sorrows, my previous farming faction.

Blackhawk banner
Mountain Crusher
Arachnaean Weaver
The Possessed King

Cast Tesla first if she and AW are full—then you are more likely to trigger the explosions from AW’s spell. Any hero class should work fine, but it’s obviously faster if you can start at 50% mana.