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Favorite “Aunt Tillie” teams

Who is Aunt Tillie? It’s just a slightly odd way of saying that any troop, no matter how weak or unqualified, could fit in the team - e.g., “As long as you have X, Y, and Z in the team, my Aunt Tillie could be the fourth and it would still win.”

My recent favorite is Amarok, Thrall, Tink Steamwhistle, and good old AT. Essence of Evil and Doomed Blade work well here if you want to level a hero class. Some sort of double purple banner will let Thrall fill on any purple match. The red and yellow storm helps with Amarok’s devour and gives Thrall a shot at an extra turn. Devour streaks are great fun, though it can turn into a bit of a slog if you lose Amarok or he consistently fails to devour. Fortunately, Tink is ready with summons if you lose a troop or two. Really fun for pet battles and decent for D12 explore as well.


lol Oracle

What other AT specials do you have?


On early levels one would be:

any class hero with Golden Cog
Clockwork Sphinx

Banners -> any will do… but anything that boosts brown/purple will help fill sphinx before his 1st cast…

This is a team i recomend for any new player that managed to finish quest line in Forest of Thorns to help them unlock every other kingdom before they get some beefy troops.


The possessed king is probably the ultimate aunt Tilly. I use it everywhere without any real desire to cast it.


I love love love TPK, but that is kind of the anti-Tillie. Instead of a team whose fourth slot can be anything, TPK is a troop that makes any team better by being in that fourth slot.


The whole game is an aunt tilly team actually; think about it , not too deeply though, its not a deep think game.

How is it anti auntie lol. It typifies every inclusion as the guy u don’t use to keep ur team kicking

Every BOUNTY team nowadays is an AT team. Isn’t it?

Tigraki Warrior
AT (probably the bounty captain at mythic)


As jpraveensn says, most of our bounty teams are Aunt Tilly teams.

I use a weapon in my bounty team. Tier 5 gives a legendary captain and enough sigils for max rewards at 22x multiplier. It’s safer to climb to level 7 or 18 (inclusive) at 28x to reduce the number of ravens required.

Trickster’s Shot (Monk)
Tigragi Warrior
AT bounty captain

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Mine is:

Tigraki Warrior
AT -> bounty captain

+2brown + purple banner, usually