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Faster pace while having troops selected in battle

So I am usually playing on x4 speed, because I want stuff to be done quick. Especially Explore is something you need to do about 250-300 times just to trait one legendary and 600-700 times to trait one mythic troop. And I really have no complains about that.

The problem lies with how the game handles the speed when I click on a troop to prepare for using a spell. Going down to 1x speed while the spell is shown is really annoying. Espcially when the opponent gets a cascade in the background, as the gems just fall down so slow, and what should take not more than 5 seconds suddenly turns out to be 20 seconds.

There shouldn’t be any reason for the game to slow down that much. If I set the speed at x4, I want it to stay at x4, because I don’t want to waste time waiting. And with the probably widely used Sunbird/Fire Bomb teams you don’t need to look at the board at all. For me battles usually go something like:
Turn 1: Cast Fire Bomb (26 damage)
Turn 2: Cast another Fire Bomb (26 damage)
Turn 3: Cast Sunbird (26 damage + 59 damage)
Turn 4: Cast Imperial Jewel, if anything is still alive. (41 damage)
Total damage potential: 178, of which 126 are distributed, so they always get there full potential.

On Normal explore, nothing can survive that. So I don’t need to look at the board even once after the initial “are there 4 red gems? yes? proceed as usual.” The miniscule chance for the AI to throw a wrench into those gears is there, but honestly I don’t care to lose one match out of a thousand due to extremely bad luck.

Please adjust the animation speed to what you set it in the option, even after clicking on a troop.


A couple of addenda to this, if I may…

  1. Have the Extra Turn/ Mana Surge graphic that appears on the board clear away faster. It often blocks the view of the gems I want to match next, so I have to wait until it’s gone.

  2. Decrease the delay for “move hints”. If I’m looking for that “only move on the board”, I’d like not to have wait several seconds before it decides to hint me.

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Interesting enough: The Extra Turn or Mana Surge Graphic is a thing that bugs me quite a bit. But only on my laptop. They seem to stay like forever. But on my PC it’s actually affected by the x4 speed. I have no idea what is up with that. The main difference is, that my PC still has Windows 7 while my laptop has Windows 10, but I don’t know if that really is the problem.
For the hints suggestion: I like it :3


That’s a pretty good request! :sparkles:
I thought I was the only one getting annoyed by that so here’s a +1 from me c:

It stays on screen too long. Or waits like 5 seconds after the turn before it shows up on screen.
This issue is since 3.5… Was never an issue before. The Mana surge used to be so fast you couldn’t even tell the difference between surge or extra turn.

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