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Fast Temporary Troop Disable

With all the hubbub concerning the triggering abilities on Kerberos and Warg.

The Developers should have a feature for themselves! The ability to extremely quickly disable a single troop (or two) from Teams roster (Attack/Defend/Explore/Arena). So they can investigate the underlying issue while keeping a 99% non aggravating game running for the player community.


In order to fix ghost traits a client update is probably needed.

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I don’t think you read a word of what I wrote.

I never comment if I haven’t read everything. They don’t want to just disable a troop because it’s not working 100% as intended. In extreme situations like with the dragon soul they change the trait until the client next update. But completely disabling a troop for a month or 2 is not in anyones interest especially theirs. Why would it have to be disabled that long? Because the fix needs a client update. Do you better understand my previous comment?


They really need to hot fix kerberos to 25% summon a warg on death, not ally death, that’s what’s causing problems, the fact that first kerberos dies, and 2 or more gate guardians trigger, causing phantom troops and traits.
At least, that’s my guess, only encountered it personally twice so far.

“completely disabling a troop for a month or 2” ???

“I don’t think you read a word I wronte.”… I guess I was wrong, you just made up what you wanted to read.

Ok I’ll put it simple so you can understand:

  • You want kerberos not to trigger it’s trait when he is not on the board
  • Devs should disable him until they make that work correctly
  • but for it to get fixed a client update is needed
  • client update won’t come for about a month from now.
    If you still don’t understand I really can’t help you. I’ll leave this topic now since I do not wish to start a fight or insult.
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Sounds like a reasonable fix. Although this post was not to solve this particular issue. As I’m sure something else will not work as intended in the future.

They do have a way to do that extremly fast, but it removes the troop from every kind of battles… And from the chests too.

Thanks. Then they need a more granular super fast 3rd Trait on Kerberos ‘Gate Guardian’ disable while they investigate the issue. There is no reason to let a problem sit (or future problems) while they work on it, as I’m sure they are right now.

EDIT: They might just swap the Trait they have done in the past… but still why have the problem go on for a half a day?

I’d still argue that it would be more beneficial to take that one troop out for a month than to have the whole meta be unbearably broken for the same amount of time.

That’s true, but a much simpler solution would be the one like with tds.

Absolutely, an even better solution would have been to not introduce more of this universally disliked trait type in the first place but well…

i think he meant option for devs to block it untill they can do ANYTHING with it, usually they just do a quick fix in form of temporary rework, but if they could just click ‘ban’ it for that first 2h while they are working on that quick fix i think this is good idea.
sometimes even making a quick fix takes a while - a silly 30minutes of bad experience could be avoided with that kind of ban system

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Thank you for reading the post! You understood perfectly what I mean by both immediate & temporary disable.

Look at this recent issue, it took the Developers like 3/4 of a day to put in just the first adjustment on Wrag, yet they had more work to do after that. During the entire time players were continually posting mostly the same information (detailing that the game is not working as intended). This quick option would allow the Devs some breathing room for a few hours or a day to get things sorted out while simultaneously mitigating most of the players aggravation.

Anyhow if the Developers have metrics saying that leaving the game in a impaired state for a few hours to a day or two does not have any impact on sales… then is suppose this is not really necessary.

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you know what, it doesnt even have to be a ‘disable’ from everywhere

if it disables only from defense, and just ‘flags’ the troop elsewhere (so ppl would know its bugged but can use it in attack team on their own risk) could be still helpful

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What would happen if you already have such a troop fielded within your defense team when it gets disabled? Leaving players with crippled defenses probably isn’t going to be popular, keeping the defense team as it is without allowing others to do the same doesn’t sound like a good idea either.

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we are talking about the moment when so called troop couses some serious issue that needs to be addressed right away (like early warg or kraken)
in that case i think crippling somebodys defense is better solution then leaving it untouched for the time being.
could add a pop up /warning for those who got the defense with it so they could change it

and again, just making it clear: i mean it as an instant temporary solution until devs can make any other fix, quick fix , temporary rework or permanent fix - doesnt matter, each potentially take time and this lock down solution is to be done instant untill the fix

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The more refined option would be probably better. Where they could just disable the trait in causing all the anguish. But worse cause scenario the player in question would only has 3 troops on Defend for a few hours up too a day or two.

Look it took the Development 48 hours this time to track down the problem and formulate a plan of action.

Perhaps they don’t need a TEMPORARY disable …

  1. Everyone seemed to enjoy posting about the 10-15 minute battles for a few days. :wink:
  2. Having such a large number of beta testers help track down problems with forum reports :wink:
  3. A few days of anguish every so offer probably does not hurt long term sales?

in the end thats for devs to decide

perhaps for the famous warg/kerberos not…

althought i think for kraken it was very needed.