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Farming bug that's beneficial

So I’ve noticed an advantageous bug when farming something, but I don’t care to include a screen shot or give any more info because it’s beneficial to the end user. Which means it would be fixed almost before I can hit create topic…
Good luck finding it devs. We know your QA team is working hard.


Maybe once gnomes stop dropping terrible rewards I’ll be inclined to resume being a beta tester again for free

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So you’re knowingly exploiting a bug for your benefit, and boasting about it on the forums.


It’s not even a bug. The game is working as intended. Low pvp score, easy casual battles.

Farming with bugs isn’t very good strategy. As far as I know, none of the game’s bug troops have a trait like Necromancy that helps, nor do their abilities generate resources. You should really consider asking your guild/friends about building better farming teams.


Desert Mantis does appear to be holding a pitchfork. I believe that makes him a farmer, or at least a farmhand.mantis


Got nothing to do with PvP.

Also I mean, if you have found some bug and it’s actually a bug, rather than some game mechanic you misunderstand or, more likely, a game mechanic a dev doesn’t understand that will be explained as “working fine” once explained:

At the end of every game, some information is sent back to GoW. It’s not really clear what that information is, but I’ve played a lot of games where for anti-cheating reasons a lot of information like moves made, starting board, total damage done, etc. are part of that kind of packet.

So even if you aren’t SNIG (same name in game), you just posted on their forums with an IP address that is likely very similar to your own. Or maybe you’re smart enough for that, but have you done it for every forum post? Ever posted a screenshot with your name? Ever sent a DM to a guild with your invite code? There’s probably something, somewhere, that ties your forum account to a player account.

Then, they just have to watch their telemetry. Then, they know what you’re doing. They don’t need “luck”. They just need a reason to care.

And, well, knowingly exploiting a bug might have a punishment. Maybe confessing this way wasn’t a good idea.

Well then they just have to find the error and prove it then don’t they… Like their QA team SHOULD have done originally. But seeing as how all of us players are ACTUALLY the beta testers… I feel safe in saying what I’ve said.

Or maybe we should all remove said card from our teams… Because I can’t possibly be the one one to notice such a large discrepancy

Like mummified king needed a nerf, thanks a lot.

So just so I understand . . . instead of creating a thread that is helpful to the community of players that are slogging through explores trying to get the enormous amount of resources for Dawnbringer, you would rather create a passive-aggressive complaint thread against the devs in general.

Be a stand-up type of person and do what you should have. . . . help out. Spill the beans. Let everyone know what you’re talking about.


Don’t let the bug out of the bag until they fix dawnbringer in arena, or eliminate hero class change cost.

…I lol’d

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