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"Farm Souls with Sol'Zara." Buff Sol'Zara's Soul gain please

“Farm Souls with Sol’Zara”

Ok, I need to farm Souls. What do I get with Sol’Zara?

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Pro: Sol’Zara can do good damage.
Con: Sol’Zara underperforms in farming souls.

In a battle, you normally need to reach 36 souls gained to reach the cap. (4 from 4 enemy troops, less than 36 needed if they resummon troops).

Sol’Zara gains 10 souls per cast.

When soul farming, you tend to fight weaker opponents to finish battles quicker to gain souls faster. Stronger opponents don’t give more souls. So her clause of “If the Enemy’s Life is greater, deal triple damage and gain triple Souls” barely ever comes into play.

Once again, Sol’Zara gains 10 souls. Its really inefficient.

What other choices do I have?

15 Souls per cast and deals damage to 4 enemies.

Pharos Ra.

20 Souls per cast and increases the soul cap by 150%

Avina: Free Kingdom epic, Does Sol’Zara things better than Sol’Zara.

Wight, Banshee, Valkyrie, and Dark Troll all do soul things way better than Sol’Zara, are easier to get than Sol’Zara and aren’t being sold for money.

Buff Sol’Zara’s Soul gain to be based on magic like Avina/Wight/Banshee/Valkyrie/Dark Troll. Thanks. If anyone actually has less than 10 magic, then they’ll be more likely to have less life than their opponents and be able to gain triple souls with it still.

PS. I know Sol’Zara has Necromancy. But Necromancy isn’t worth it if it extends the duration of the match by a lot to hit the soul cap.


I guess it might have made a little more sense before the Explore update, when higher difficulties (with higher health enemies) increased the amount of Souls gained.

Since that’s no longer the case (and I’m not saying that she was the best troop for earning Souls, as she’s slow, just perhaps more viable than after the change), you’re absolutely right, and Sol’Zara needs to get with the times.

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I suppose you could have left Sol’Zara at level one and ask the guild to skip the statue task stat boost for the week. Or is that too daft even for dev logic? :thinking:

I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Sol’Zara give a couple more souls since I do use her, but I doubt it will happen. It seems intentional that there’s a trade-off between speed and the maximum souls you can gain in battle. I think that’s why you don’t really see a lot of good mana generators with the Necromancy trait (Acolyte is ok I guess).

with all of the passive stats I get from everywhere else, it’d still be stronger than the early explores at level 1 lol

Do yourself a favor and back slowly away from those offers. Keep your hand on your wallet at all times.

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