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Farm soul : Valk + 3x Warlock = :(


i’m “new player” and speak little english, sorry…

My team for farm soul is : Valk + Warlock + Warlock + Warlock with 2 traits (first and second), but i win 65 souls on average at the end of a fight in hard mode.

Why so little ? :frowning:

My Valk is blue, level 17 and Warlock green level 16.

Help please :frowning:

PS : Map farm : Divinions Fields, Challenges ===> Scouting party

Valkyrie gains [Magic + 1] souls. The higher level your Valkyrie, the quicker you fill the max souls. Remember, it’s not just having the troops, you have to fill the soul meter. 40/40, 100/100, whatever it is.

For soul farming you should buy the Celestial Armor on the shop, that costs 500 gems and gives 100% more souls. If you don’t have the gems, you should join a better guild, which also gives a bonus to souls gained per battle. That’s why.

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Okey thank you for Valk.

I already have a guild (rank 300).

Also note:

  • The Valk/Warlock team is a cheap soul farming team. It’s easy for new players to create it. There are better soul farming teams that can get 300+ souls, but they require mythic troops and very high ascension levels.
  • 65 souls is 16x more souls than you’d get with a “normal” team. That’s not small!
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Do the magic bonuses of the kingdoms apply to the valkyrie spell?

Yes …