Family of guilds recruiting members of all levels (XBOX)

We are a family of guilds that are accepting players of all levels and experience. We have multiple guilds ranging from beginners and new players to some of the best and top players in the game. We will help new players learn to play the game and maximize their in game time for the best and fastest ways to reach their goals. We have one of the highest ranked guilds in the game as well. We are building a community of players that work with and help each other through all stages of the game. Our top guilds compete at the highest level in the game while our lower level guilds focus on players coming up in the game and learning how to play.

We all share a common chat where we can communicate with each other and help each other. A thick skin is recommended as normal friends go, we poke fun at, tease and have a lot of fun with each other in our chat system

All we ask is that you are an active player who maintains a positive attitude and wishes to play and/or learn along with a team of wonderful people doing the same. Sharing in our successes and failures. Helping to encourage other members when they are down. Praising members when they do well and most of all, having fun both in game and in our community chat system.