Fairy Gobmother

I assume that this rather new mythic troop, The Fairy Godmother, has been invented by the girlfriend of the game designer. There is no other explanation that this mythic is constantly popping up and replacing combat against normal mythics. For instance, I’m waiting for Skadi to pop up in the weekly event in order to fulfil the campaign fight. However, I’ve so far only seen 7 (SEVEN) Fairy Godsuckers instead. Which do not have ANY connection to this weeks event.

Please remove this troop from the enemy cycle (as it seems to happen to all mythical troops. After introduction, they spawn everywhere in that week, but the disappear after one week for good) and spawn normal mythic troops again which are required for campaign etc.
Besides, this Fairy Godsucker is so bad that it can be removed from the game all together without decreasing game experience…

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The whole campaign is centered around the Gobmother. That’s why she’s everywhere.

Also, Skadi is not in the event which was odd to put her as the troop to hunt for.

Just go to cpvp and refresh until you find one of the nice players who put her in their defense.

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