Fairly new looking for advice on team build

I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks. I’ve read various posts on beginners teams for quest/explore/challenge and maybe I’m just not lucky on gem drops.

My collection is linked below.

I’ve been using a Dwarf team so far and matches are slow…but I can usually survive the match…

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

With that collection, I might try something like:
Dwarf Lord
Spirit Dancer

Use the Red/Yellow Banner and try to fill Valkyrie as your first priority. Valkyrie is the key to this team as a soul-generator and mana-generator. Spirit Dancer supplements this by filling Rowanne’s second color if you happen to get a board with lots of purple. Your strategy would be to use Valkyrie and/or Spirit Dancer to transform a selected color to blue (or green) when it will give you an extra turn, thus filling Rowanne, who you will use as your primary damage dealer. Dwarf Lord is primarily there to soak up damage and to help clean-up later in the match, try not to cast his spell too early since he will prevent blue mana from reaching Rowanne and Spirit Dancer. If Dwarf Lord dies, use Spirit Dancer to summon a Spirit Fox in his place.

You’ll generate a pretty good number of souls with this team which you can use to level up your other troops. Protect Rowanne as much as you can since her damage potential depends on her armor.

Banshee+Alchemist or Valkyrie+Alchemist are very good together generating resources and mana to each other but you would still need a good tanker upfront, it could be your hero if you are leveling up any class at the moment you can also use Warlock in a team with Valkyrie to gain more souls if you unlock his Necromancy trait.

You also have a decent number of troops from Maugrim Woods, so you could probably assemble a decent team using your Wargares like:
Totem Guardian
Spirit Dancer

It works better if you manage to unlock Totem Guardian’s traits, Wayfinder’s spell reduces attack helping the survivability of the totem, Ranger has a decent damage boost for your level based on enemies alive and Spirit Dancer transforms gems and summons new troops to take the first position if the totem dies.

Thank you both! I’ll give it a try.

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