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Failure to apply mana

PS4 Platform - matched a 3 red gem match & had only 2 manna awarded, & no the banner isnt set to -1 red… this is happening in delve event all the time i now watch the mana #s

Yao had 12 & needed 3 red to fill, upon match of red, only filled to 14 & this happens all the time


Hi Nonsheep, Thanks for your report and attaching the screenshot. If possible please try to use the template next time (I realise this seems rudimentary but it can help us understand the issue a lot easier and saves us both time).

I have a few questions to help us identify the issue:

  1. Does this only happen in Primal Rift? Which Delve Rooms? Do you use the team elsewhere?
  2. When did this start happening?
  3. What is your banner (regardless of if the banner is causing this we need to know to reproduce the issue)
  4. Can you please try capturing a video of the issue. Here’s how