Faction Expansion - Dark Pits

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This weekend Dark Pits is getting an expansion. The faction’s Deep Delve will become available for players to enjoy (once they complete Delve Level 100 or higher). It will also be gaining a new Epic Troop – the Rattigar Thief. This troop will be available in the event shop this weekend, and will appear in…


Faction map art is not showing on android. It’s really difficult to play like this


It is very sad that the game cannot be played without the use of external resources. The game once again proves it

this troop is tragically bad…

Dark Pits has nothing to do with Gold (this effect would have mattered more in the City of Thieves, though I doubt I’d consider it good there still), so this spell largely does base/near base damage.

Even if you somehow end up in Magical Christmas land that happens to be a Gold fight, it still has a limitation of boosting the damage equal to the gold stolen, which means its only doing 2[magic] at max. Sounds great and all except Hex Rat already has a 2[magic] gimmick AND hits everything below the target for [magic] AND isn’t waiting around for the enemy to get enough gold to steal it one time (boost ratio based on steal is just sad) .

I wouldnt even use this troop against an Egg Thief PvP defense… there are just better troops available for stealing Gold.

So naturally, I’m sure I’ll be told by someone that this is a well balanced troop. :unamused:


I’m having the same “black map” problem on my Amazon tablet, but the map is fine on Steam.

When typos or mistakes happen we are the first to see it because QA are not in this companies alphabet. It has to be “bugged” otherwise it’s idiotic design.


Another way to play without the map is all the rooms you can access are colored whereas the ones you can’t are grayed out.

50:1 boost ratio is a joke
gold stealing troop in this faction is even bigger joke
this troop is just for sake of memes

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New epic troop is available on chaos portals:
(It probably was for a week)