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Faction event vanished

So todays faction event at All Seeing Eye has just vanished off my games section even though its a 24 hour event. I still had 4 sigils remaining and spent gems getting them, and now i cant use them coz they’ve removed the event. What gives, im on PS4 btw.

The event just started today. Try restarting the game.

Still there on mine.

Try scrolling to the right. The first big icon in Games rotates through what the game thinks is most important, and it considers Pet Rescue more important than faction events (probably due to the time period).

Due to device UI being absolute garbage since iOS 7’s “flat design”, it’s hard to notice scrollbars. “Faction Event” is all the way to the right. Try that.

If it’s not there, you definitely need to file a Bug Report thread. Do yourself a favor to look smart: a lot of people don’t do anything with the text that’s already there. It’s a series of questions, like a form. Fill it out. Don’t just leave it sitting there, especially the paragraph about “Please use zendesk if you don’t feel comfortable” blah blah. It clutters things up and makes the person reporting the bug look like they can’t read.

Kept checking it and it wasnt there and i always scroll to the right on the games section. Restarted the game as suggested and it reappeared, Weird.