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Faction assault, faster than light?

Hey! We have been wondering in the guild, how the top 100 players make millions of points in just few hours in the faction assault, when most of us are having only about 20k. Do you take the straight path to the final fight and after many runs start playing them all? Even then it’s extremely fast. Is there a way to get a lot more points from the fights? What determines the points from the fights?

If you wanna go fast, go alone.
If you wanna go far, go together.

Yes, I’m curious too. I just suspect they buy tons of Potions of Power, and then any battle at level 500 is just a funny quick massacre.


As @Nullings said, if you have enough gems/$$, you can just keep running fast teams, which don’t take long at all to run and keep racking up points.

To address your other question:

TLDR: Rushing to 500 using shortest path and then clearing the floor repeatedly with fast teams gives you more points in less battles than full-clearing all floors up to 500. It does cost a lot more gems for the same amount of points, but if you want points/leaderboard, you’re probably prepared to dump gems into the event.

Calculations and explanations

During faction assaults, each room has an extra reward (don’t have a screenshot), which states the number of points. Like all the other room rewards, the multiplier affects how much you get. At level 500, each room gives you 2500 points, and the boss room give you 10000, which gets multiplied by whatever multiplier you have when you defeat each room. At level 20, this amount is 100 and 400, respectively (i.e. level x 5 for room and level x 20 for boss).

1st room (always 1.1x) so 2.1 x 2500 = 5250
2nd (say 1.3x) so 2.4 x 2500 = 6000
3rd (say 1.2x) so 2.6 x 2500 = 6500
Boss (always 1.25x?) 2.85 x 10000 = 28500

Total for run = 46250

If you’re using a fast team, it shouldn’t take long to finish all rooms, which will leave your final multipler around 3.5x or 4x, which gives you between 35k-40k just from the boss room. All this means you can average 90-100k points for full run at 500.

Just rushing to 500 using shortest path, assuming 4 rooms where the 2 middle rooms average 1.25x:

First room (1.1) + 2nd room (1.25) + 3rd room (1.25) + Boss (1.25)
12740 x [(2.1 x 5) + (2.35 x 5) + (2.6 x 5) + (2.85 x 20)] = 1,175,265
(Where 12740 = Sum of all numbers between 2-50 x 10)

Which comes down to 4 x 49 = 196 fights. Then at 500, you get 90-100k every floor clear.

Conversely, if we assume a full floor clear and reduce the average multiplier to 1.2x:

12740 x [(2.1 x 5) + (2.3 x 5) + (2.5 x 5) + (2.7 x 5) + (2.9 x 5) + (3.1 x 5) + (3.3 x 5) + (3.5 x 5) + (3.75 x 20)] = 2,382,380

Over 9 x 49 = 441 battles.

That means that for over twice the number of battles (~250 more), you would end up with 1.2-1.5mil extra, which you can get from 135-150 battles at 500. Also, the shortest paths usually involve a legendary battle, which are usually 1.3 or 1.5 multipliers so the difference between shortest path and full clears is probably lower, maybe 1-1.2 mil.


The amount of gold you get in 500 must be a lot too? So if I was about to put my gems to either the weekly world event or faction assault that would be a clear choice, because the return you get from the guild game is way not worth it, I just do it sometimes to get more points for the guild, so we would one day get all the prizes :smile:
How about the weekend long faction assault, does it have a time table, haven’t seen it in a while? :roll_eyes:

And thanks blindnighto ! :smiley:

Gold and other rewards don’t scale with delve difficulty, only with the Hoard Quality (10 being the max).


If you upgrade your quality early, invest that half a million gold or so (I don’t think it costs more than a million for Hoard 100 / Quality 10, but it’s been ages since I actually paid attention to these costs), then you’ll get a return on your investment faster, and every Tuesday that you complete the free sigils is a Tuesday you receive dividends.

EDIT to clarify that what I’m really saying is: you can make just as much gold farming low-level delves as you can high-level ones, as long as your starting multiplier is the same (not .5), which in Faction Assaults is always true.


There will be a weekend faction assault this weekend (starts Friday, April 2nd) for the new Dripping Caverns faction. According to current spoilers (found on Taran’s World, there will be another on April 30th (Hell Gate). Usually these run every 6 weeks on rotation, but Dripping Caverns got delayed by 2 weeks, which explains the 4-week interval between both new factions instead of the normal 6.

As for gold, it’s just as @Magnusimus said: gold does not scale with delve level. It does however scale with multiplier. If you have a 4x multiplier when you beat a Leprechaun room, you’ll get 4 x 2k gold, or 8k. The there’s the gold you get from the boss chest, boosted by your hoard quality and level of your chest, both reasons to increase you hoard quality to 10 before starting the event.

Depending on the rarity of the treasures you use, you’ll be spending between 200-500k gold to get hoard 100 and quality 10. If you push to 500, you will likely earn back that gold and more, especially if you clear all floors up to 500. If you rush to 500 using shortest path, you will earn less resources. It also depends on your RNG for spawning Leprechaun room, your multiplier, final chest level and individual chest rolls, which may or may not contain gold.

That said, you will definitely earn much more resources through the faction assault than you would finishing an event, especially a maybe finish.

And to throw in a shameless plug, are you looking for a guild? We’re pretty casual here at Prancypants but have been finishing most guild events.


Nice to know it’s this weekend, can’t see if it’s coming because of the one day faction assault blocking the view on games menu! And thanks for the shameless suggestion, but I am working as the janitor in my sisters guild, changing light bulbs etc. So… :smile:

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Prancy Pants is a good guild if you ever get tired of mopping floors :joy:

Or maybe the family needs a Finnish Guild for Pantaloons from that corner of the world… :thinking::wink:


Hmmm, something’s veeeeery fishyyyyy. LOL

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Thanks for Prancypants shoutout. :heart:

I dont have anything else to add other than what others have said. The math here can be boiled down to: spend an absurd number of gems, don’t pee or sleep, and enjoy being top. :wink:

Oh no, now there’s Prancypants everywhere I look :smiley: :smile:

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I’m actually not — I GM The Unforgiven over on Xbox. I just know from some of the forum members of their guild that it’s a well-run organization over there :slightly_smiling_face:


So i should always leave the leprechaun room for last to get more gold, right right? :grimacing: :smile:

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I think I finally got the hang of it. Only thing for me to figure out now is, why the game won’t accept my two gem combinations, they are sometimes even the same color… hmm… I’ll make a separate bug report for that issue :wink:

What do you mean here by two gem combinations? Interested in seeing that bug report when you make it.

I think he’s being facetious, suggesting he should be able to just Match-2 in a Match-3 game :rofl:


…Oh. Well that went right over my head. :rofl: IT’S BEEN A LONG DAY OK?!


yeah, sorry… :grimacing: just pointing out that i keep asking too much stupid questions :smile:

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