Facing The Same Fighters

I’ve playing GOW for quite some time now but over the last couple of months I have noticed that I am playing against exactly the same selection of opponents every week. I’ve tried refreshing using gems just to find that the next ltrio of opponents feature at least 1 sometimes 2 that I have already faced that day.
I’m getting pretty sick of playing the same opponents week in week out and it’s coming to the point where I’m thinking of quitting. Is there a reason why a player keeps constantly facing the same teams?



I have to 100% agree with you here, and this isn’t necessarily a fault of the Dev’s.

You and others have to do their part by switching up your defense teams often. I will usually set my defense to whatever the event is. If there isn’t an event for troops, then I’ll set a random team out that usually is fairly easily beaten.

Nothing worse than repeating the same HORRIBLE teams over and over, not that they are unbeatable, just that it gets old facing the same coin-flip defenses.

The exact working of the matchmaking system is a bit of a mystery, but based on what we do know, there are some reasons why you tend to see a lot of the same people over and over.

First, the matches that you’re offered are based on people who are either currently playing or have played in the last couple hours. If a lot of people tend to play at the same time each day, then those people are all showing up in the same pool day after day. Further, you’re matched up against people that are (by whatever measure is used) roughly equivalent to your power level, so the fights are fair. So, now you’re limited to a subset of people within that first set.

There is also the ‘rival’ and ‘revenge’ system, that seems to influence certain players to come up more often, but I honestly have no idea how that works, and I don’t think anyone but the devs really know.

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I think the original poster is on console, so the weekly events aren’t really relevant yet.

You are right, but people have to stop thinking about “I need to win defenses” when in fact, its better to LOSE and make really weak teams that lower players can beat.

This gives you revenges which give you revenge bonuses, easier trophies and gold.

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I know you’re right, but it is so hard to resist the urge to get the best win percentage, even when I’m not trying to be competitive in PVP these days. I think I’ll downgrade my D-team when I get home anyway.

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I agree completely. I don’t understand this obsession of setting up the best possible defence team, when the revenge battles and defence rewards/bonus glory are way better than defence wins.

I also set my team up to reflect the weekly event, although it didn’t apply this week.

You’re right Stan I’m on console. I’ve just come back to check the forum after 2 hours on pvp and shadyady showed in the opposing 3 teams 6 times during that period. There were a couple of others but shadyady was the easiest to remember.