Extra turn on 3 gem match

It happens, but only at the top of the screen. I’ve seen a 3 gem match, new gems fall and extra turn. It seems to be matching with an off screen gem

That can’t happen… or shouldn’t unless you’ve hit a bug that I’ve never seen reported in the 18 months since the game launched…

More likely perhaps the three made a ‘L’ or ‘T’ shape with others below of same colour, and made a 5 match…?

Extra turn on 3x matches still work in this version. They are just a lot rarer than other version. I have seen it happen occasionally on the right and left columns of the board.

The 3x extra turn glitch gets mentioned weekly on the Steam version. Maybe it is a PC and console only bug.

I’m on xbox one and I definitely see it happen, quite often really but you have to pay careful attention to notice it. Only happens with matches involving the top row, but doesn’t happen every time. It was a 3 gem vertical match of the top three gems. Then 3 more identical gems dropped down and extra turn. No other gems involved, just a top 3.