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Hello everybody!

Am I alone who find that the extra turn notif, on a 4 or 5 gems matches, is hiding the action, on one of the key play in the game, and it should be positioned somewhere else or being made way more transparent… It’s the game that must be in forefront. The message is just informative since we realize it when we get one. It won’t help for the next move that we couldn’t see our very good gems match because it was giving an extra turn. … Why put something that will hide a good play besides wanting to hide a good play… It must be a mistake…


I think what I noticed was that it doesn’t change speed with the general ‘Animation Speed’ setting, so it takes a lot longer to clear/fade than you might expect when playing on a faster setting (and thus blocks/obstructs the game board).

I’d be in support of having a faster-clearing notification on faster game speeds.

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Yes it could be just what you said. Too slow to fade away and maybe too solid also… A hint would be enough.