Extra turn matches broken into ineffective small matches D:

This may look a little complicated to explain, but it’s really bothering when it happens (that’d be always):

I noticed that when a gem generator troop, such as Giant Spider, or one of the Trolls, creates gems -let’s say 6 red gems in a T shape- the AI breaks the match in two ineffective 3 gems matches. An L shape made by 6 gems (that should give an extra turn) gets broken in 3 and 3, ineffective .

This is only a couple of examples, but the point is: multiple gem matches (4x, 5x, 6x) get broken in small parts. Now…
This Happens only when the player casts, because the AI still gets all the whole matches.

Did I miss some new rule or just What’s going on?

This needs some sort of video. I think I have seen what you are describing, but (for me) it is such a rare occurrence that I typically write it off as inattention on my part.

In my case that happens regularly, so it won’t be a problem to take a video and forward it through the proper channels :slight_smile: