Extended: There was a problem connecting to the server

I had been getting these network connectivity issues this week. Mainly when my laptop seems to not perceive the full speed of the network (my phone is able to, so there is no issue with the network speed).

Oddly, I got this error message today which I never saw before. Hope it makes some sense to you devs. @Kafka @Saltypatra

Thanks in advance.

Now, the game doesn’t connect even if the speed is quite high. Illustration:

The error you posted just denotes a (zipped) packet being unexpectedly truncated while communicating with the server, i.e.: the connection between your client and the server is unexpectedly dropping, as you may have already guessed. Basically, the two errors are the same in nature, first one is just not being handled as nicely as the second.

Thanks mate, for the response. I felt that the network speed drops a lot when I open GoW on my laptop. But again, this is not all the time. Frequent enough for me to observe. Is it possible for one app to throttle or bottleneck the network connection speeds?