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Explore weekend

Similar to the Vault weekend, it would be nice to see an Explore weekend with increased drop rates for Anu and Nysha medals.


It’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time in this forum. :+1: :smiley:


Didn’t we used to have double traitstone weekends? What happened to those? Would be great if they made every weekend a bonus of something, gold/souls/medals whatever.


Im not 100% sure but I think it was all week when using the new troop of the week. Sometimes for glory, souls or double traitstones and we had to play in a particular game mode to receive the bonus like only ranked pvp or only explore.

About my proposal, Im hoping of something like 5% Nysha and 10% Anu during Explore weekend to replace the usual 2% Nysha and 5% Anu. Like that maybe players will finally be able to put medals on Legendary and Mythic troops.

Remember that raid and invasion will soon become weekend events to join up with bounty, gnome and the new factions. Surely that’s plenty. Personally I like gnome weekends because I just don’t play them. One faction per month takes up way too much weekend time and I force myself to play it. The rest I ignore because there’s better stuff to be doing which is why I am totally against moving raid and invasion. Surely the game demands too much of our time already? More weekend intensity will simply overwhelm many players who work Monday to Friday. You appear not to have such responsibilities other than medalling every troop in the game.

364 difficulty 12 boss fights in the past 2 weeks. ZERO Nysha tokens.

:ok_hand: legit…

Edit: this is not “rng streakiness”


Given the opportunity, I’m sure one of these solutions would have been preferred.

Permanent drop rate increase, because the current drop rates are atrocious and demoralizing

If not, then:

A full week of increased drop rates, so people of all environments can have a fair opportunity to play safely and reasonably.

but considering the way events are currently handled (FOMO and all that technical jargon), that’s why new suggestions are already at a low hanging fruit of Explore Weekends to mirror Vault Weekends

and it still won’t happen, because people pay $50 for a Nysha medal + gems already :zipper_mouth_face:

I totally agree that drop rates should be transparent and consistent. I’ve only got 2 nysha tokens total so posts about which mythics to medal are an absolute pipe dream for me. There have been suggestions that gnome events have been negatively tweaked player wise but when folks are blasting gems at pets for example it gives the company the “evidence” that they can nerf what they want and still the business model will continue to reap dividends. The devs are clocking off on a Friday and increasing what we are faced with (raid, invasion…). That’s why I oppose the invasion commitment being more than doubled time wise and slotted into a weekend window. Many players play most of their gems on a weekend because of weekly work commitments and this sort of event shift unfairly increases their obligation. Plus, with fewer days for the event, we lose sigils presumably that we would have gotten on a full week invasion run. In truth if people want explore or other events then I hope they get them. I’ve always thought gnome w/e was a con and that’s why I ignore it. Little by little everything the endgamer needs is being squeezed tighter and tighter. And that’s because the leaderboards prove that many of us are prepared to go ballistic when it comes to spending. I hope u you get an event with honourable drop rates that make it worthwhile. I really do.