Explore level 12 META question

How about using 3 Medal’s of Gaard with:

Not the fastest team, but for those without those key Mythic troops, it seems safe.

I might have some time this weekend. I’ve been looking for a new Explore team ever since I maxed the hero class I used for my last team. It feels so inefficient to use level 100 classes when I have so many left to level :frowning:.

Here is an opening picture for you to help show starting stats:

This run was in Zhul’Kari. I’m using Medal of Anu (20% Mana), 2x Medal of Aranaea (4 Attack). My fight times are: 27, 23, 48 (enemy summoned another troop), and 28 seconds for the first four fights. The mini boss took 33 seconds. The mythic boss took 29 seconds. Total time: 3 min 52 seconds. Team: [6604,6565,6566,1248,3002,3,1,1,3,2,3,0,14004]

In Suncrest the fight took 3 min 40 seconds. 23, 30, 41, and 32 seconds for the explore fights, 57 seconds for the mini boss and 17 seconds for the mythic boss.

The first thing you want to do is match Wrath, because he converts yellow to skulls and blue to brown. He enrages, so he ignores enemy traits (like skull reduction) and does increased damage (which helps because he doesn’t make doomskulls). Since my class has Entangle, it doesn’t matter if they can match skulls back (unless I kill the first guy).

Also 4-matches hunter’s mark the enemies, and that helps immensely too. After his ability, now you have a bunch of skulls and brown gems on the map. Now you can convert brown to doomskulls using your hero’s Doomed Glaive. Now you should notice tons of Doomskulls with Red and Blue Gems (because all the yellows, blues, and browns have been converted). That’s when you use Glaycion (red to doomskulls and yellow to blue) or Bloodhammer (blue to doomskulls).


Are you talking about the scorpius team? If so you need to use it in Urskaya for it to be the most effective (there is no poison immunity there)

I found some time to make a video using the team I shared.
I still need quite a bit of XP for the Warpriest Class. This team is decently quick. I messed up a few times during this run. Using it a few times, I might learn how to make it faster. It will be hard countered pretty hard against Submerged teams.

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Thanks for the breakdown. Since I’m mythic-poor, I’ve been running variants of your team, with pretty good results.

pssst Stonehammer, Essence Of Evil, The Wild Queen, and Harpy Mage.

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Great team, lots more fun than Scorpius meta. Only suggestion I would make is swapping Keeper of Souls for Glaycion - you lose some Doomskulls but gain a lot of flexibility and a lower mana cost.

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Fastest than the skeleton key band? Really?

Yes, Skeleton Key ain’t that good at Explore level 12

Now that the dust has settled on explore a little bit, does anyone know how the gold per hour compares between the standard Urskaya poison team and cedric/cedric/egg thief/key? Also, are there any particularly good kingdoms to run the key team in?

The Urskaya team definitely feels fastest for medals, but I’m not gaining any hero xp on my maxed Titan.

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Runepriest, Sentinel and Plaguelord would be useful in the Poison team too, as these use the same Stone talent tree as Titan.

As for gold rates; In my own (limited) testing, poison is faster, but per hour I would earn twice as much with 2xCedric + key & egg.

Dbl cedric team looks a bit flaky for level 12. Not really something I would expect 90% success with. Maybe a good option for farming gold and fewer tokens at lower levels. But high success at level 12 needs something like YP with ketras or ubastet or a strangulation zuul team such as MC, cockatrice, zuul, spirit fox (very reliable…)

I farm Explore level 12 with the double Cedric team and only lost twice. After that, I just make sure to never use it for the boss fight. For that, I use a Zuul or Scorpius team.


Cedrics don’t live, but constant dragon egg and what ever thief hero class summons keeps you safe. Cheap to medal a dragon egg.

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Thanks for clarifying that. I’ve read posts implying it’s a guaranteed level 12 winner of the whole explore. I tried it but didn’t really feel comfortable with its vulnerability. Lost a couple times then gave up on it. In an hour of testing it I lost more battles than all my other explores combined.

@UKresistance…all it takes is a lack of mana for egg thief to leave you completely exposed. Dragon egg may have more medals than Michael Phelps but that’s no use if thief is shot down. Bombs from cedric then block skeleton key and you’re as good as toast.

The use of Cedric to shuffle the ‘worst’ troop the opponent has to 4th slot, and thus slower/no mana, should not be overlooked. The only time I can recall Cedric failing me is Ghulvania when Vlad gets his mana first.

It’s not the most interesting of teams to use, but I find it works for me.

One I have not lost any L12 fight (that matters) with yet is this:


Priest/Doomed Axe | Divine Ishbaala | Qilin | Wrath

Served with a side salad of 3 Aranaea Medals.

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Yeah I can agree with that, Cedric team, so long as you don’t try and level classes, it’s fine. Make sure Stealth on for Key, and Child of Sky.

Just keep ploughing with Egg Thief, use Cedrics to double shuffle, then Egg to make Dragon Eggs as shields. Guaranteed fill of bottom Cedric almost every time Thief casts at 300/300, so all I do is fire Cedric once when 2 left, then again, to shuffle them to the top and finish with Key. First shuffle, nothing happens, second shuffle, fits them together at the top etc.

It doesn’t matter if you block the key with bombots either, you just keep casting Egg Thief, fire bombot if no AI skulls and Egg is fill, replacement Dragons eggs next turn. if you get a Heronath, cast it for the green storm etc.

15 gold per turn with lightfingers and an egg thief cast is 30 with lightfingers. 5 gem match makes 27 gold I think.

The main problem imho is boredom and a lack of team slots. Granted some games can go on, so what I do is use 3-4 diff teams, mixing them around if I get an hour or so for explore.

Also, can use Scorp team and ditch Leprechaun and add Obsidius, only Dwarves and Impervious then tend to slow you, so I avoid Khaziel and Dhrak Zum if using that.

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Cedric the shuffler. …sounds like a great future troop rofl. But yes, if thats your game; sweet. My future shufflings won’t involve cedric :joy::joy: