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Explore adding lore bound troops

Hello all, I tried to find a similar thread but couldn’t. It might be because I’m unfamiliar with the proper vernacular so please bear with me if this has already been addressed.

While exploring I think it would be nice to have a chance to capture a troop that you fought. Of course the rarity of the troop would determine if you get that rare Musketeer or really, really lucky out and snag that pesky Apocalypse mythic that slowed your roll.

I also think the drop chance should increase exponentially if you keep pressing “Continue”. For example the odds of a troop to drop could be 0.25%. The more you Explore the chance of capturing an enemy troop increases by 50% until you acquire a troop and then it goes back down to 0.25%. At that growth rate you’re guaranteed a Troop capture after 15 explores (>104%) but not the troop of your choice. The choice of the troop is decided by RNGesus weighted by rarity.

For example your fight was:

When weighting the values for a chance to acquire them it would look like this:

Common: 35%
Common: 35%
Rare: 25%
Mythic: 5%

As you can see, the chances of getting the mythic you want to fight you when you want it to fight you and then winning the roll to capture it is extremely low. On the other hand capturing lower rarity troops will be relatively easier and allow players to grind Kingdoms for ascending troops.

Tl;dr: Let Explore drop troops. Increase chance by staying in the same Kingdom. Weight the chances of a drop based off of rarity

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This will never happen. At where I am in the game, the average explore battle takes me less than 15 seconds to complete after the loading is finished. With your percentage example, I’d have every troop in the game by midnight.


The numbers are just placeholder. I chose 50% because it is an easy number to calculate. Do you have a scale that you think would be more acceptable?

I don’t think this is a good idea for a free to play game. I’d love to see it, sure, but after I collect every troop I’ll just leave and go play something else. And I’m not even the type who invests in collecting everything and doing everything, but, if it came to be at any point I’d quit. That’s just me though, maybe other people feel differently.

Fair enough. I think the opposite because they want people playing the game, especially new people. Dangling a carrot in front of people and letting them get a taste every now and then would help with player retention in my opinion. It’s pretty basic behavior reinforcement.

Eventually over time it would be possible to acquire every Troop it’s true but it would take much longer to do than you’re giving it credit for. Troops that you want aren’t guaranteed to spawn when you want nor are they guaranteed to be the ones to drop. In fact when I was testing this idea several Explore missions did not spawn lore bound troop that had the kingdom I was exploring as its home. For example the Kingdom of Adana spawned Death, Golem, Golem, and Warlock. The Warlock is the only one whose creature type showed up in Adana’s Lore section.

Given the RNG involved with Explore and the system I suggested I think it’s pretty safe to say that it would take a decent amount of time to fully farm kingdoms.

At this point in the game’s maturity, I would not expect to see any new game mode or feature that provides player progression that isn’t monetizable at rates similar to the game modes they’ve introduced in 3.x (Invasions, Raids, etc).

Ok then add the feature to the 4.99 subscription model but make it like .99 instead.

@Doordash_Support has the right of it I think. It’s very easy to make an uber fast explore team. Even at drop rates similar to gnome appearances the sheer volume of explores that can be done in a short time period and the fact troops have higher appearance rates in their home kingdoms would make farming for specific troops potentially more reliable than keys, taking focus & importance away from keys.

It’s a nice thought but too easy to farm what you’re looking for. Don’t know where you are in the game, but for those of us over level 1k (and likely those over 800) this would be ridiculously easy to fill in any holes we have in troops to ascend them

What @lyya said. This isn’t Pokemon.

Perhaps keep it to common and rare quality troops then? I know veteran folks would grind it out relatively fast but it would be a boon for newer players.

As far as the “this isn’t pokemon” I suppose that’s fair but then again why not monetize and emulate a portion of a game that has made billions of dollars.