Explain treasure maps to me - how are rewards calculated?

They make no sense. The rewards are not consistent, meaning you can get the same number of higher level matches in two games, yet receive different rewards. I had a game where I matched two safes, and got 3 gems and 1 iron key (plus the gold and souls). A few maps later, I matched three safes, and got no gems or keys! Then, I had a bad game where I could only match a few green chests, and got 2 gems. Why is it like this? Also, the rewards should be better, I don’t think I have ever received a magic key ever from one, and I have probably done over a hundred by now.

Copper coin is 1 gold. silver coin is 3 gold. gold coin is 10 gold or 3 souls i think. i do not know what brown chest contain. gems start at green chests but you are more likely to get gold or souls. Keys start at red chests i think and i have not gotten anything higher than that.

Payout on PC has been tweaked a couple different times, but I believe this old guide is relatively close or exactly what the PS4/Xbox rewards currently are: Steam Community :: Guide :: Treasure hunt - Possible rewards

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Thank you! That link explains it perfectly.