Explain the Difference

Why are Mythic Troops exclusive to Event chests upon release like Archproxy (so no other Mythics could be found in event chests for 4 days.)
But Legendary Troops who are exclusive to Event chests only and no other chests still have to compete with all other Legendary troops released prior.

Do you understand how illogical that is?
And since you’ve never “not said” nor “said” why that is.

Here’s your chance.

I put this under bug category because for you to have a chance to make it work with the same logic as the hidden secret knowledge the past 3 years. Then Legendary troop releases have been bugged for 3 years.

And that seems like a whole lot more compensation. 🤷


It’s perfectly obvious, you know: The legendary troop can only be gotten from event keys! It says so right on the news post. But it can also be gotten in legendary tasks, and also from the event shop. Remember, they didn’t say it wasn’t. And they didn’t not say it wasn’t. So, very good and logical.

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Since when??

i remember someone got vidar from LT this week