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Ex Inferno Recruiting! 18+ Gaming Community, Discord Required (Mobile/Steam)


Hey everyone! I’m from Ex Inferno, a gaming community that spans across multiple games all in one Discord. Our ‘flagship’ game is World of Warcraft, but a chunk of us have recently found Gems of War and fallen in love! Our guild is new and small as are our members. We don’t have the best teams yet, but we play the game to have fun and chat with each other!

Our only requirement is that you join our Discord (which is 18+, no exceptions) and communicate with us. We love to share tips and tricks and strats! Bonus if you play other games and chat with the rest of the community as well!

Feel free to message me for more info or head to our website, exinferno.com , for a link to our Discord. Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of our Discord! Just scroll down to “Other Games”, find “#gems-of-war”, and say hi! We can help you from there!

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Just want to say that I love the logo. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thanks! :smiley:

Come join us! Lots of active folks throughout the day.

Social members welcome to join the Discord, even if you’re already happily in another guild!

Still looking for more people!

Very active group! Super social Discord! Everyone welcome!

We’ve had a lot of progress with what we have so far. Hoping to see some new faces come join us this week! Everyone is super friendly and active.

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I can kill the raid boss! Whooooo! Progress! lol

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Got a few new people in the guild and everyone has been progressing pretty well so far!