Evolving maps to a better minigame! [IDEA] [console and pc]

Welcome to a new and improved wskill thread, here you will experience vastly impressive ideas and… oh just read on about the subject because im already your favorite member.

Seriously now though, i had an idea for the minigame treasure hunt, most people sit on a derpton of maps, me included… never doing them unless theres a task for them and all wishing we could just sell them. Theres even been ideas on forums to make you able to just give up maps and get what they give at that point which would make everyone just turn 1 quit every map.

Its painfully obvious, people generally find maps tedious at this point and increasing map turns by guilds doesnt make it any better, the biggest reason for this is not that maps dont reward that well nor that it might take too long. I… have found the real reason and its a simple design problem.

You see, in psychology we have a sense of reward, gems treats this greatly throughout the game constantly giving players the idea of being rewarded for what they do. But contrary to the main game where a crit (5link+) gives you something more than an extra turn(4link) maps does not. Instead it even punishes you for taking anything over a crit, and even taking a crit doesnt exactly feel rewarding for a specific reason that it lowers the potential. Lets say you have a 5 link green chests, its better to take the 4link as it leaves more green chests on the field. Anyone would take more green or higher chests which have taken effort in more turns to make than you get out of a crit extra turn. Extra turns are only worthwhile on bronze and perhaps silver coins, otherwise you actually harm your progress in creation. Now… how would we actually make it more worthwhile to make crits or god forbid higher than crits on chests where my idea comes in to spruce up and even strategy up maps?

What if making a crit on a chest upped its rarity by one on the outcome. So if you made a crit on 5 normal chests instead of a green youd get a red chest. If you made a crit on 5 green chests you wouldnt get a red but a vault. This would make crits actually worthwhile to make on chests which they right now are definately not. A simple change in psycology, making maps fun again, and yes, slightly more worthwhile but still not as worthwhile as guild tasks :wink:

Hope this thread is understood and gems staff likes the idea. Greets -wskill. (ps4 player)


Mmmmm I don’t think this idea will help. TH is nicely worked with its mechanics, I don’t believe they should be tinkered with.

Players would play TH a lot more if the rewards were comparable to other uses of time. For mid to high level players, TH just doesn’t give enough gold. Plenty of threads about this already…

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A simpler solution might be to not hand out rewards based on what is present on the board when your turns run out. Instead, immediately credit each match done based on the match category, possibly double/triple on a 4/5-match. We’ve got the reward counters right on screen, currently unused throughout the treasure hunt. I’d find it quite rewarding to see those counters going up as I’m manipulating the board. May need some reward balancing in order to not hand out too much loot.

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I still think matching 3 vaults to create a mythic vault, (light turquoise obviously!), that rewards ONE VIP key is a decent idea.

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i think this is best idea for upgrading treasure hunting by far

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The only reason I’m playing so many TH maps is because of the seals and Event Week. The rewards can be disheartening for higher level players. Yes, we have a reason to use our excess maps, but I’m finding that I’m getting turned off from TH now.

Yesterday I had a 128 turn map. You would think the rewards (trait stones) are good the higher moves you have. Nope! Not one Runic or Arcane stone. :poop: is what I got. The 12 snots were a big help. However, I still felt wanting. I don’t usually complain about any part of this game, but lately RNG has been cruel with the trait stones. Even with Explore.

Enough pity party for myself. I like the Mythic Vault idea and the upgrade chest for 5 matches, but I myself would like to see a possibility of a gem rewarded for cascades of at least 7. I wonder if it’s possible to “tier” the trait stone rewards. Meaning, so many moves are Minors, then Majors, Runics and Arcanes progressively. We get bonus seals for 60 turns or better which is great. Maybe if you received an Arcane for each 100 turns could work and at least a Runic for 50.

I don’t have the knowledge or experience with game development to understand the amount of work or what’s a game killer. I do know that’s it’s very difficult to offer any service that pleases everyone or even the majority. I appreciate the Devs hard work and sacrifices. Thank you.