EVOLUTION is looking for new members

We are “evolving”.

We’ve been a “Trophy Grinding Guild” and climbed the ranks.

We’ve been a “GUILD WAR Strategizing and Chasing Top Spot Guild” and came close.

For now, as Summer fades in to Autumn, we are evolving into what I’ve always wanted - a competitive but friendly gemming guild.

Some are leaving to pursue more aggressive GUILD WAR action, others want more trophy grinding, but the core remaining are friends that have been top tier players for some time and just want to enjoy the game without high level demands. We have families and careers, enjoy other hobbies and other video games, but we still want to play gems together and we will do our best to stay competitive.

If you are looking for a less stressful gemming guild, hit me up in game. As the new guildmaster, yes you read that right, I’m the new guildmaster at Evolution, we will from this point forward focus on enjoying the game. It is hard in any high level guild to keep a solid group on the same page for goals and agenda unless you make the goal as simple as possible.

Evolution is the Gems of War guild with one goal - ENJOYMENT. If you are playing a video game and it makes you throw the controller across the room, how can that be enjoyable?

If you have lost your way in Gems of War by getting trapped in a stressful demanding guild, then you are welcome here.

Message me in game ( icheewawa ) if you want more details on requirements for admission.