Everyone shoud get compensation for Unity Server

for so many of us we get this, and thanks to discord some of my friends that can play say there are many bugs and all day disconnections. i believe everyone indiscriminately should receive some sort of compensation for this between loss of game time, guild wars battles, and resources we should receive something and not some kind of crap. im talking about we should receive…
gold - 200k
gems - 150
glory - 400
troops - 1 mythic (for good measure) (not currently owned would be nice)

While I would love the free Mythic (have not seen a chest drop a new troop in months and months) I think the likelihood of this happening is akin to a snowballs chance in hell.

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How did you reach those figures? 1 mythic, 200k gold … Just curious .

I mean, I absolutely disagree with you; bugs happen, and if devs want to compensate players that’s great, but giving a free mythic would be an insult to players that have hard-earned the most rare troops in the game.

But I would love to know what is the objective basis for those figures. Why 200k and not 500k for example?

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Lol, this must be a Joke thread. Free mythics? I think not. :rofl:




@death @pchancete i didnt really expect them to give a mythic im just pissed off cause i cant login due to crash every time, and they are seemingly doing nothing to fix it yet. also gems and glory i just blurt out a number but for gold thats is 1/2 of what i make in a day so really im not asking for much.

and before you say well this happens from time to time. it doesnt happen like this, there is massive login issues across many accounts, so many disconnections from the game according to a few people i spoke to. this is just a horrible example of patch application not a regular bug, this is why we should be compensated

In the past, there have been some significant problems due to major updates, server problems, etc., and the devs have often offered some compensation to players as a result. I don’t know how they will respond this time, but some compensation to players wouldn’t be unprecedented. Probably nothing like what you mentioned, though.

yea im sure it will be something more like 20k gold and maybe 5 gems

You’re the worst type of customer to deal with. Problem happens and expects it to be fixed instantly. “Omg it’s not fixed instantly, that mean’s they’re not doing anything.” It’s a game, relax. If you can’t play it, go do something else until the problem is solved. Bug fixes aren’t something that can be fixed instantly.


Problems happen with major roll-outs, so a bit annoying, but not the end of the world. As for compensation, not sure that’s really necessary, hasn’t even been a whole day yet.

But maybe if any compensation was linked to VIP level, meaning they only compensate those who have compensated them, that would help to eliminate a lot of these threads…


@beanie42 Very interesting idea, I’m sure some forum posters might be opposed.

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There are always unanticipated issues when making major changes. Programming is a complex thing.

Even with big companies, some programs will have much smaller teams than you would think. Moving game engines is a huge change, so all things considered, this is much better than I expected.

You can be rest assured the devs are working on it. The fact you don’t see them at all, is a good indicator they’re all heads down on the problem.

In the past, devs have given a new card that hasn’t been released yet, after whatever issue is completely resolved and things are stable. That’s how Mongo and Necrezza were released. Although Necrezza later had a glory pack.

None Of The Above


Yes, I’m sure some would. But I’d bet the majority of opposition would be “customers” whose spending is in the $0 -$0 range.


so your saying compensation is not really necessary but if they do they should compensate people who pay for the game? i am vip 4 so would benefit from this but i feel that is the most retarded statement ive ever heard. there are possibly many people who play this game as much as i do and dont pay a single penny, and even though they are loyal every day players, you are saying they deserve nothing just because they cant/wont pay to play

What I was saying, slightly tongue in cheek, is that the majority of these victim “pay me” threads are made by those who don’t invest in the developers. If you have, my apologies, you’re an anomaly among the normal complainers.

With that said, expecting what you are for a day or two of problems is a bit over the top. Personally, I don’t see a need for any compensation at this early juncture, considering the scope of the changes and the prior notice that was given. But that’s just me…

I can guarantee that we are working tirelessly to fix as many problems as possible. The best way to get the game up and running again is to contact our support which can be found here. Doing so is the fastest way to get your game fixed, as there might be an underlying issue that is causing your game to crash.

As I said above, every member of our team is currently working on either fixing any bugs or helping players.


@beanie42, thank you for this fantastic suggestion. I will be expecting my Porsche in the mail tomorrow. :smile: