Event shop kingdom troop rarity

For chests, rarity chances have been compiled here: https://www.taransworld.com/Chest/ An event chest is said to have about a .1% chance for a mythic and 2.4% chance for a legendary.

Is similar info available for event shop troops?

Or anyone want to guess based on your experience pulling legendaries or mythics from event shops?

The chance should be a bit lower since you can get common and rare troops too, unlike in event chests where are ultra rare and above.
And from experience I always buy at least tier 6 for every guild event so far and only got 1 mythic from them.

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This is helpful, I wasn’t even sure it was possible to get a mythic. For example summoning stones give random troops but clicking on the question mark in the soulforge, it seems you can’t get rarity higher than epic.

That’s correct, the summoning stones can only drop the troops listed by that “?” button. These troops will change each week. And a dual color troop, for example Green/Yellow, can’t appear in both respective summoning stone IN THE SAME WEEK, but it can appear at Green on one week and on Yellow in the following week.

Thinking of putting some Gems in the search for Irongut: is it wiser to go for Event Chests (50 pulls for 675 Gems = 13.5 Gems per pull at 0.11% chance) or event shop (25 pulls for 500 Gems = 20 Gems per pull at an unknown rate with only 16 possible eligible troops)?

Since the 25 Shop pulls do not include potential Traitstones, is the chance for a mythic greater?

Event shop is the place to pull nothing of value except when you’re not paying attention.

Lately, event keys seems to be a bit more generous in giving out higher rarity troops, but I still wouldn’t hold my breath on low chances.

If you’re spending gems to try, its probably not worth it.


I think your theory on marginally higher chances to pull Legendary/Mythic troops is probably spot on (though it would be nice to see odds, like for the chests), but the sample size is so small that your overall odds are pretty terrible of getting anything good. Unless you wanted to go for the leaderboard in the event anyway, I’d say save your gems.