Event message connection timeout + pet layover makes game inaccessable

Since a couple of weeks, I cannot reach the servers anymore when the event message shows up on game launch (it works when opening the event window manually ingame). Normally this is just a minor annoyance, that takes me half a minute until the timeout message shows up.
When there is a pet, I got a slightly bigger problem.
Both effects appear to overlay each other, leaving the map screen in a greyed out state with an unfinished pet message, that I cannot interact with. All I can do at this point is to kill the game task and restart.

Forgot to make a screenshot when it just happened again, and I won’t get the event information again for at least a couple of hours, so I can’t reproduce it right away. I hope, it is still clear, what is the issue.

I’m assuming you’re plaing on Steam… or maybe other platform? (your bug report is missing such info, which is nessesary for DEVs)

Please fill out the bug report template.