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Event issue

Psion is the only card in my event team not doing extra damage with his spell. Other guild mates have tried my formation with no issues.


Have you definitely got the badges or medals of Summoning equipped and selected? It should look similar to this… (I have two medals equipped in the image)

Your guildmates also could have more magic than you… The more magic you have, the greater the spell. Magic increases by levelling up, kingdom progression and sometimes by elite medaling troops. If you were expecting Eg 37 true scatter damage but instead you got 35 this could be due to your magic.

Also it is worth remembering that the value shown on the troops spell is the value before the boosts are applied.

In battles, if you select a troop that is ready to cast and look at its spell, to the right you will see the boosted amount


Hope this helps

Psion’s damage isn’t boosted, and he isn’t talking about magic. He clearly said extra damage, referring to the medals. He should be getting a prompt though if he doesn’t have the medals equipped, unless he actually has zero medals, but I find that hard to believe given that his guildmates have them apparently, so he should at least have a badge or two.

2 medal of seasons and 1 event medal with 160% boost to spells. Psion is the only one in my team that says 27 true damage and that’s all he does. The other team members do around 100 damage with the event medal. Medea top, then pandaska mage, psion, and black manacles +9. Archmagus class champion 67 with minishroom pet level 5 hero level 396. 1 trait on psion 3 on all the rest. As I originally said, psion is the ONLY one on the team not doing event medal damage.

Guild mates copied my team I shared in guild chat and their psion done the correct damage for them even using the same medal combination. I’m playing on Xbox one

Today is first I mentioned it in guild chat but it has been since I made the team on day 1 of the event

Stage 7 collected in rewards and tier 3 from the event shop

Looks like the typical issue report which almost requires a video to clear things up (it should show you equipping your medals, starting an event match and casting Psion).

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A short video clip would be great. We would like to help you get it sorted. Sometimes it is something really odd that you just didn’t think of, occasionally it is an actual bug but a video will clear it up for sure

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How do i share it here? The clip is not showing up for me. Psion is doing less for me today then he has so far