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Event getting reset

The amount of items earned to achieve various Event levels has gotten reset on Xbox One. One minute, the Exclamation Point on the Event tab is pulsating – The next minute, it has stopped, and the Event tab shows that I have zero items earned and zero Event awards claimed.

I have seen messages indicating that I may not be the only one experiencing this issue. Please fix this problem. Thank you. -EG


Mine had done this as well. I logged out, made an account here and when I logged back in to check my account all 175 of my event points where there. So now i’m just gonna hurry up and finish the event I think. lol
I also meant to say that I play on PC.

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I’ve finished my Event stones for the week on the X1X but having the same issues as indicated above when in game. The exclamation point is sporadically activating and deactivating.

I’ll assume its related to the fix/reset issues on PC this week…


I lost both of my last 2 rewards…the gold and gems…due to this bug. I am now reset to zero. The event flag (exclamation point) would signal…but when you go to the Events…you cannot collect…pressing x gives no result.