Event: Brian not required (in French)

In French, the part about Brian not being required is missing. Would be nice to add it to the text (might be the case for other languages also).

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I confirm (french too). Did you figure what we have to do?

Just win 150 PvP fights.

English text:
Help Bryan continue his knightly training in PVP (wins PvP games - Brian not required)

French version:
Aidez Brian a continuer son entrainement de chevaliers en JcJ (gagnez des combats JcJ - Brian n’est pas necessaire)


oh lol. thanks !

The “Brian not” required was added at the last minute, based on feedback we got from previous events. It meant that we weren’t able to get the text translated in time.

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Thanks Nimhain, I suspected that. Just wanted to get the word out there :slight_smile: