Event "Bonus Traitstones" text needs correction

The current text is
"Use Wildfolk in PVP to get a bonus traitstone"
but it needs to read
"Use FOUR Wildfolk in PVP to get a bonus traitstone."

If you include one Wildfolk you have “used Wildfolk” in PVP.

Last week when we had to “use the Merchant Prince” we didn’t have to use four Merchant Princes.

The code is in error, not the text.


I was thinking the exact same thing when I added a Wildfolk troop to my team and didn’t receive my extra traitstone after the match. :slight_smile:

Did the same thing and maybe just delete this event entirely as its pretty close to impossible to find a decent 4 wildfolk team that can actually provide ROI for their use in PVP.

Someone who disagrees please show me a decent team made up of 4 wildfolk that does not suck.


Whilst I don’t disagree with you, I’ve been using:


+2 green

It’s not competitive in PvP at all, but it’s fine for clearing 1 trophy matches solely for the purpose of getting double traitstones.

Of course you could make the argument that you could run 2 bombot matches in the same time.


Thanks @HootyMcOwlFace, I honestly did not expect anyone to actually offer up a team to try out. Maybe after I hit tier 1 I will give that a shot.

Thank you.


It’s always been like this. If it specifies a troop, only need one. If it says troop type or color, all four need to match.

Agree it could use clarification though.

Set all defenders to your lowest un-Traited Commons and get your team defense Power as low as possible.

After you do that, Ragnagord/Tuskar/Tuskar/Tuskar [bear] will win battles relatively quickly. [Compared to your other Wildfolk options.]
If your team Power is relatively high, you may benefit from Tezca #4 to boost life.

Or you may want to try Ragnagord/Tuskar/Tuskar/Ragnagord for more cycling.

If your team Power is very low you can try Blade Dancer and/or Satyr Musician instead/

A bit lazy I am. Any classes there is that makes the hero count as a Wildfolk?

using 4 wildfolks is a bit silly when we have like only a handful to pick from.

In a word, no.

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It’s confusing, I think it has read something like “wildfolk team” if it expected you to use 4. Also, the pictured troop is not wildfolk at all?

While not super competitive for high level PVP, I clean up 1 trophy PVP all day long with Blade Dancer, Tuskar, Sylvasi, Faunessa with Woodland Banner. It would be worth it to farm traitstones, except even with 4 wildfolk I don’t seem to be getting extra traitstones on PC.

Edit: Correction, I seem to get 2x of the same traitstone, which isnt nearly as useful.

The picture thing makes me think the event was supposed to be “use urska” instead of wildfolk. And the urska were supposed to get the boost, not wildfolk (the picture there isn’t a wildfolk either). But then last minute (or at least late enough that it was too late to update the art), they decided they no longer want to give 50% bonus to some troops, so they changed it to a troop class that isn’t in the boosted kingdom, so wildfolk.

Might be too late to update the event description this week, but it would be nice if it was clearer for future events :slight_smile:

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I have been using Sylvasi, Ragnagord, Satyr Musician and Tezca with the new Bear Banner, and have won 90% of my offensive battles with it (against CP 7000-9500+). I used Ragnagord to fill everyone, Satyr Musician to keep everyone at bay with silence, and Tezca to buff and cleanse Sylvasi. The only real weakness is devour troops, so I try to steer clear of those. Sylvanimora can be a bit of a pain with entangle, but with Tezca cleansing Sylvasi I still win, it just sometimes takes a little longer.